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April 2017 Creator's Contest

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  • #76
    Can I send the link of my story even if episode hasn't approved one of my backgrounds? Liz


    • PatreeceM
      PatreeceM commented
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      You won't be able to publish your story without these backgrounds being approved. This means that when you send people the link to your story, they will just be previewing it and the reads will not count (because reads only count up on published stories). (I hope that makes sense lol)

    • dianalucchini2000
      dianalucchini2000 commented
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      Thanks, even if I saw it now!

  • #77
    Yes you can but the backgrounds won't show when somebody reading it I think


    • #78
      It was really really difficult to write a mystery, It takes me soo long to to finish it...
      Please check my contest story here:


      • #79
        Any of you have a story for this contest and want someone to read it, send it to me please!
        I'll read your story! I'll give you some fan mail too!


        • samrover18
          samrover18 commented
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          dearmrsdee I gave you some fan mail. AMAZING SPOT DIRECTING AND LAYERS AND OVERLAYS! You did amazing!!!!

        • dearmrsdee
          dearmrsdee commented
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          samrover18 I just saw it! Thank you so much! 🙈😍 I am so happy you enjoyed it, your kind words mean a lot!

        • samrover18
          samrover18 commented
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          dearmrsdee YOUR WELCOME! I HOPE YOU WIN!

      • #80
        I just published mine!

        Title: Mysterious: The Psycho Killer
        Author: Amazonella
        Genre/s: Mystery
        Episodes: 3 (completed story)
        Description: Can detective Eloise and her goofy partner Derrick catch the escaped asylum patient who's the main suspect of a murder?
        Instagram: @amazonella.episode
        - 2 main different endings, 3 minor different endings
        - locked/special choices
        - advanced directing
        - point system
        - you can "collect" clues and suspects + at the end of the episode, the story will show your progress

        Best of luck to everyone entering the contest!
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        • samrover18
          samrover18 commented
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          I'll find sometime to read it!

      • #81
        I made my episode story for this contest in 3 days as I that is when I found out about the competiton

        If you want to read some entries then here's mine :

        But please don't complain about it as I tried my best


        • #82
          Is the Writer portal email the same as an email?


          • Kose
            Kose commented
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            I'm wondering the same thing...

          • GreatStories
            GreatStories commented
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            Chucky Lover Kose it's the same email you used to write your story!

        • #83
          Liz How can I unsubmit the google form for my entry? I just realised my story doesn't meet the criteria.


          • #84
            Liz is there any way of speeding the background review process? I understand there must be a very large number of backgrounds to approve, but I am afraid of missing the deadline for this competition due to the background not being yet accepted. Thanks!


            • Sucre
              Sucre commented
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              I published the story by "commenting" those lines with reviewed backgrounds, would I be able to remove the hash once the backgrounds are accepted or would I need to wait until the competition is over? Thanks again!

          • #85
            Just a quick question: What will happen if an unfinished story is submitted? Will it still go through? And if its gets finished in the 48hrs after it's been submitted is it alright?


            • Trisa
              Trisa commented
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              It's disqualified.

            • Shenie Glitterz
              Shenie Glitterz commented
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              Alright, thanks for the reply!

          • #86
            Yesssss, so excited to see the winners. I just posted my entry it's called, "Mysterious: The Sweetest Delusion"


            • #87
              I've just published my Mysterious story. It's caled Mysterious: Missing.
              Author: margomag
              Description: Once a successful and now retired detective Kristin Walters gets back to work when her best friend is missing.
              I'll be extremely grateful to everyone who decides to give it a shot<3
              Last edited by Margo the Great; 03-21-2017, 05:23 PM.


              • #88
                I just published my story, I would really appreciate some feedback. The title is Mysterious: The Witch Town.
                Thanks for your time


                • #89
                  Title: Mysterious: Cry of Fear
                  Description: You're a young man named Ryan who must navigate his way through a nightmarish, deserted city while slowly descending into madness.


                  Good luck to all who entered the contest.
                  Last edited by Five Star Equilibrium; 03-21-2017, 06:05 PM.


                  • #90
                    I'm so excited I'm dying!

                    This contest is amazing! I decided to participate, and I just published my very first story.

                    Title: Mysterious: The Mousetrap
                    Author: Yelena Ivy
                    Genre/s: Mystery
                    Episodes: 5 (completed)
                    Description: Eve suffers from severe amnesia. Who is she and will she continue her dark mission after the memories come back?
                    Instagram: @episode.yelenaivy

                    I've read some really cool entries! I liked
                    Mysterious: The Night Of Sins by maddy rox ,
                    Mysterious: Who's There? by Maddie V, (I don't know your forum name, but you're rockin'!)
                    Mysterious: Cry of Fear by Five Star Equilibrium
                    Mysterious: The Psycho Killer by Amazonella

                    Good luck to everyone!!!


                    • Amazonella
                      Amazonella commented
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                      Thank you so much for reading! I'll definitely read your entry!

                    • IslandEpisodes
                      IslandEpisodes commented
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                      Hey! I read your story and I really liked it! It's hard to believe that it was your first story 😊

                      Do you mind checking mine out? It's called Mysterious: Kingsley Undercover 😶 If you're interested I'll post the like below. I'd really like your opinion on it. 😊😊

                      Mysterious: Kinsley Undercover -

                    • Yelena Ivy
                      Yelena Ivy commented
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                      Hey IslandEpisodes I'm reading your story. The locked choices are gold! Seriously, love what you did with choices in your story. I missed some important intel lol

                      Detective Hendricks looks a lot like Dimitri apparently we have similar taste haha