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  • Community Guidelines

    Episode Community!

    We are very proud of how many Creators are so passionate about our community and their writing. Community respect is a fundamental quality we observe in our community and expect that each person holds themselves to the same standard we display in our guidelines.

    Community Guidelines

    Episode is a community built on inclusion and diversity. We want stories and a community that show us the wide spectrum of people that live in our world and use our app.
    • Support Each Other
      If you have feedback on a story, rule, feature, standard, bug, etc., please be respectful and provide constructive feedback. We encourage everyone to support the stories they love by sharing them and providing constructive comments.
    • Be Kind to One Another
      We have a zero tolerance policy with harassment & cyberbullying anywhere in our community (including but not limited to, Episode, Episode Forums, and Episode-related accounts). This may include:
    Tips: Creators, you can turn off Fanmail, as well as delete/report comments that you find threatening, hurtful, abusive, or invasive. If you feel concerned please contact Support.
    • Be Creative
      The best stories come from collaboration and unique perspectives. We want to encourage our Readers and Creators to work together to make the best stories that can possibly be made.
    • Respect People‚Äôs Privacy & Safety
      Revealing personal information about Staff, Readers or Creators, such as names, email addresses or other social media accounts is strictly prohibited. This includes impersonating or pretending to be an Episode staff member. Any behavior that threatens the integrity of our Community as a whole will result in an immediate removal from the Episode Forums & the Episode platform -- including all published material.
      • Examples include, but are not limited to:
        • Stealing, revealing or blackmailing personal information - including stealing or withholding account information from original owner, exposing where a member lives, works or other relating information that may compromise their safety or privacy.
        • Accessing another author's account without authorization or damaging or deleting another author's work.
    Violation of these standards can result in one or more of the following: email warnings, temporary or permanent suspension from all or parts of our platform, and disabling of Fanmail messages.

    These guidelines are provided for reference purposes, but remain subject to our Terms of Service.

    Thank you all for taking your time to read this.


    The Episode Team
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    Thank you so much for posting this, Trinady! We really appreciate the efforts you guys are making this year to make the Episode community a more beautiful place. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and I feel these changes are definitely beginning to help things <3


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      I really appreciate the fan mail off option, It's something I asked for specifically and I am happy to see this improvement. As a whole, episode is really improving. I have to say, things got really bad for a while. I deleted all my social media accounts and only now have reopened one, and it will only remain open if users remain respectful, supportive and I do not receive any art theft, impersonation, abuse etc like last time. I really feel like all these things needed to be talked about. Cyber bullying is a serious issue and can lead to suicide, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. I think we all have to remember we all come from all different walks of life, and some people can be more sensitive than others, or have personal things going on in their life as well. While we all need grace extended to us at times, and we all make mistakes, we are best to apologize if we have hurt or offended anyone than insist on being right, because being right matters less than the other persons feelings. Thanks Episode. From the heart, it means a lot you are addressing all these things.