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    how about all the probs for classic. the list over them is gone . can we please get it back


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      Can we get the gun prop and gun animation


      • Charris
        Charris commented
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        Babies and guns, that's what we all are waiting for

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      Originally posted by Trinady View Post
      Happy Thursday!

      This week is a big week! We’re releasing props, including animations for them, for both INK & Limelight and more eyes, eyebrows, lips, jaws and noses for Limelight!

      INK Props:

      Red Cup

      Coffee cup
      More to come!
      INK Animations:

      Limelight Props:

      w/ Cream Cheese

      Plain bagel


      Chocolate Chip Cookie

      Coffee Cup

      Blue Cup

      Red Cup
      And more to come!
      Limelight Animations:

      How do you use the props?
      With the @add and @remove commands! An example below.
      @add PropName to CHARACTER
      @remove PropName from CHARACTER

      In DonaCode, it would look something like this!

      Which translates to this!

      Limelight Facial Features:

      Female Mouth-
      Medium Thin
      Thin Heart

      Female Eyes-
      Round Medium
      Sharp Almond
      Deepset Almond

      Female Eyebrow-
      Arched Thin High

      Male Mouth-
      Full Heart Large
      Thin Heart

      Male Eyes-
      Oval Wide
      Sloping Heavy Lid
      Deepset Sloping Mature

      Male Eyebrow-
      Arched Bushy
      Round Thin

      Male Nose-
      Grecian Round
      Straight Narrow
      Button Round
      Bulbous Downturned

      Male Face-
      Sqaure Jaw Mature
      Diamond Defined
      Round Broad Cheeks

      Thank you so much for all your patience as we work on and expand our newest style! Please let us know if any of these give you trouble!


      The Episode Team
      omg soo cool!! Any baby animations?


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        Slightly unrelated, but since this topic has a lot more recent activity I figured I'd be better off trying to find an answer here.
        Will existing mobile creation stories be able to switch to Limelight at any point in the future? I have a story I have been writing for ages and I'd love to be able to convert my story style to Limelight if possible.


        • Trinady
          Trinady commented
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          The easiest way is to take your existing scripts and to put them into a new Limelight story (after setting up the characters, backgrounds, etc). Unsure if there will be a direct way to port from one style to another. We'll let you know when we know!

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        I don't know if anyone mentions it before but the INK Coffee Prop has to change to "Coffe Cup" - the C in Cup has to be capatilized.


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          Hey, Is there any props called Handgun??? Please let me know... I need it...


          • GiGi is Me
            GiGi is Me commented
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            Yes there is. It's only for INK though.

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          YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! So excited to use these!!! Are guns coming soon?


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            Ahh! I've always wanted some props to be used. I hope there will be more props to be release in the future for INK as well <3 Looking forward to it!


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              im glad these props and features were released. now i just need a nose that looks like my ink characters nose and a nose that looks like my epy baes nose lol. you guys released a button nose but i think its a little too cherubic compared to the ink one. and my nose is full round i use round down turned but you guys need a wider nose like "full round" from ink


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                Guns ✅ Babies ❓

                PLZ EPISODE!!!!!!! Babies!!!!! 👶


                • Trinady
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                  *finger guns*

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                Can we get the bagel, sandwich and the cookie for ink pls?


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                  Trinady is anyone else having trouble adding the Gun prop in Limelight? I am getting the error that the prop does not exist.


                  • EliseC
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                    Did you try "Gun Pistol Black"? It works for me =)

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                  Will the commands to add and remove props be added to the guides?


                  • Trinady
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                    We're in the process of rewriting a lot of the guides to be more user friendly, and that will definitely be included! Thank you!

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                  Originally posted by Jazz View Post
                  Trinady is anyone else having trouble adding the Gun prop in Limelight? I am getting the error that the prop does not exist.

                  thank you! That worked and led me to the actual list of props in the portal.


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                    Can anyone help me?

                    I am a new episode writer and when I try to add a cup it gives me the error message saying that the Red Cup does not exist for this character. What am I doing wrong?


                    • Apes
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                      it has to be Red Cup; the first letters need to be capitalized.

                    • Courtneyrenee
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                      They are :/

                    • Courtneyrenee
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                      This wrong for Limelight.

                      Limelight is Cup Plastic Red!
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