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Forum & Community Updates! 9/2017

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  • Forum & Community Updates! 9/2017

    Howdy Episodians!

    It has been a little bit since I provided everyone with an update on the happenings and what is going on within the community. With countless amounts of threads and replies being made daily (even hourly), we felt that it was time to do a little organizing, revamping and adding to our team! If you have not already seen it, make sure to check out our newest moderator Lynn's welcome thread! Feel free to give her a nice welcome and if you ever need any assistance with forum matters please don't hesitate to reach out to her with your questions.

    Thread Overhaul

    As some of you might have noticed, as of today we are locking any threads that have not been replied to within a certain amount of time. This way those threads will sink to the bottom of the forum with every new reply and thread you create. If a certain thread is locked and it is an issue that has not been resolved, please private message a moderator or myself and we will see what we can do to help. As always, please remember to use the forums search feature before creating a new thread or topic.

    Episode Update

    Don't forget to frequently check the announcements forum for new Episode additions, releases, news, and contests! Yesterday Episode released some new Limelight avatar parts, props, animations and more! They look pretty nice and based on your responses in the thread, it looks like you are loving them!

    Shout Outs!

    I know that creating threads, helping community members and getting story feedback can be very time-consuming. With over 77k+ members on the forums alone, it can take a lot of time and dedication to keep current and up to date with Episode happenings and announcements.

    With all that said, the Episode Community Team would like to give a huge shout out to kitty4322 for having the most replies and threads created on the forums! Since 2014 she has been a member and has been able to accumulate 11,697 total posts!

    Both Dara Amarie and Margaret A. Knox recently got their Limelight Animation Index and Guide to Over the Shoulder Shots threads stickied in the Directing Help & Tips section. Make sure to check out both threads for some helpful tips and tricks to help improve or expand your stories in Episode.


    The ever-expanding universe of Episode stories provides countless hours of entertainment and social interaction. And as the app grows more and more popular, the more users we have joining the community and our forums. At times things can get a little unorganized, hectic or confusing. Is there anything that you would like to see changed or implemented on the forums? Different subforum categories? Would you like to see some sort User Created Content subforum for our writers and graphic artists to submit their own Episode related content? Not a fan of the current layout or color theme? Let us know your ideas in the replies below and please make sure to include any solutions that you might have for any of the changes that you would like to see. It is very important that your feedback includes suggestions in regards to the Episode forums only. This is not a thread for expressing grievances in a negative fashion. Please remain on topic.

    HUGE "thanks" to everyone in the community for your constant understanding, helping others and the hard work that you put into every one of your Episodes. It's because of you all that we continue to grow as a community and we really do appreciate everyone's efforts and contributions!
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    Thanks Jeremy!


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      *cracks knuckles* well i gots a few ideas

      Cover Art Sub Section : (
      Forum Game Sub Section : (to lazy to find suggestion if it was ever suggested)

      Like Comments (or reactions to comments)

      10 character rule is annoying. Perhaps make it like 3 / 4 / 5? (Once Upon A Time idea)

      Weird Random Ideas I (low - key) made up (or stole) on the spot

      - Can we have like member (s) of the month?
      - Can there be a rank higher than Novelist?
      - personally I really dislike how the 'Episode Fan Community' is like Share a Story forum, Dudes, it's suppose to be a talking about stories not sharing them. As of right now, I have no good ideas on how to fix this.
      - The Post Count Glitch, if you reload the page before it's done, your post does not count. But do you really want to wait 1 minute for a post to load? Could the forums be faster? (Once Upon a Time idea)


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      Thanks for making this post, Jeremy! Here's an idea (I don't know if this has been suggested)

      There could be featured user background/cover art of the month to highlight all of the amazing artists in the Episode community. Fans could nominate their favorite authors/artists for certain pieces of art in their stories. The Episode team could pick, say, 10 exemplary works of story art to feature on the forums. This would be a fantastic way for the Episode community's artists to gain the recognition they deserve, and a way to further promote stories full of whimsical, beautiful artwork.

      Just an idea


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        This is awesome! But, Jeremy - I'd like to repeat what FallenAngelNight13 said earlier, and has been suggested in the features subsection about a Cover Artist/Background maker subforum: because it would really help clean up the forums (thanks for the RP/SG subforums, btw!).

        Also a repeat, but I'd like to like comments too. Anyway, I'm trying to show my support here in my own way. Maybe I'll comment on the original post as well.


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          I would like to show support in my own way too


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            Thanks Jeremy! Super helpful as usual


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              Thank you Jeremy 😃😃✌


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                *waves* Hi! I'm Once, and I have a suggestion.

                When you PM people, the Forums only allow 3 people in a PM at once. Is there a way you could change it so you could add more people into a PM? Its espically difficult in roleplays when you want to gather certain people's opinions, but you have to send the same PM over and over. It'll make life easier for us, and also it'll be less time consuming, which leads to an easier time on the Forums. I know a few other Forumers that agrees with me. Thank you. :]
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                  Can there be a new section for thread games? Because the whole General Chat section is filled with all those games and it's uh... quite annoying.


                  • Jeremy
                    Jeremy commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Good idea. Noted

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                  This is so great Jeremy

                  I support all these ideas, I think it’s great if each area have their recognition because so many effort goes not only into the script but backgrounds, overlays, users that help others and give amazing insight and opinions to others stories etc. But something that I think it’d be great specially for new users it’s a guide in the home page explaining what you can and can’t post in each forum. And I know there are sticky topics about the rules of each forums but sometimes I see a lot of post saying “I don’t know if I can post this in here but...” so if the team would add a quick reference in the home page would be great.

                  The sub forum categories it’d be perfect for users to find faster what they are looking for and it could avoid writing a new post when it’s already answered. The directing thread it’s already so big and sometimes it’s hard to go through it all when someone has a problem so maybe diving in categories, for example one that users would post all the tricks they know, templates, etc and other with questions or however the team would consider. Also maybe a forum just to share your story? And it could even have sub forum categories for each genre to keep it organized. I know users already share this in a different forum but I think it would be great if it had its own section 😄

                  Really hope this helps!!!