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PSA: Selling Art for the Episode Platform

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    TheTeacher It is clearly more than a reference copy. Just because you haven't copied and pasted it doesn't make it any less of a copy of an artist's original work.
    As you are someone who makes money from your own creativity, I am surprised that you are so willing to use someone else's creativity without crediting them. Lisa Keene probably had to put months of research, hard work and creativity into creating the concept work that ultimately featured in Tangled, and you think adding a couple of extra petals makes this flower yours? You didn't even change the colour!

    I don't work for Disney and I don't frankly care if you used their work without permission. I just think it is bad practice for a featured story to flout IP law so blatantly.
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    • JessicaSwift
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      Actually... looking carefully, it looks like you *did* copy and paste then modified it a bit! Wow.

    • Trinady
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      We're looking into it. Thank you!

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    Looks like I’m being censored so I’ll just have a nice little chat with the original artist. Thanks.


    • JessicaSwift
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      Jemma "Snitch"? Really? Actually Episode might deserve it. They haven't acted, they are STILL profiting from stolen artwork that was commissioned for a featured story. They have been previously warned before that the flower was copied from Disney, and any fool knows not to copy from Disney. This was posted on a PSA from Episode warning people not to profit from Episode's art work and yet Episode are happy to profit from art work they don't have permission to use. I checked yesterday and the copied flower is still on the story. It's ridiculous.

    • JessicaSwift
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      Also Jemma I believe Episode did know because a) They commissioned the art work, b) Surely someone in the office has seen Tangled in the last 7 years c) People have made loads of comments on instagram saying "ohhhhhh it is the flower from Tangled, d) When the story first came out more than one person contacted them to warn them the story had images in it that belonged to Disney and they were ignored.

    • Anya R.
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      Jemma Basically, everything that JessicaSwift has said. I won't repeat as I may have this post deleted as well. So I'll just say this: Episode has now had ample amount of time to remedy the situation by removing the art from the story. Yet today, it is still there, and again today, I have contacted them again with screenshots to let them know that the STOLEN artwork is still blatantly up. As a photographer who has had my work stolen for profit before, I was grateful for the 'snitches' that informed me of the THEFT.

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    Hi, I just wanna make some stuff clear, I tots agree with all this stuff, but I'm kinda confused. (I get confused a lot)
    I love to draw and I like to use episode characters as stencils. I simply just use them, but I DO NOT SELL THEM. I draw on them and make character edits that's all. I don't post them on social media or anything either. I also like to make my OWN story covers with the characters on the front. Just asking, sorry if this is annoying...


    • CaitlinRumble
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      Episode encourages that kind of thing, actually. If you share them on Instagram and use the hashtag #noticemeepisode, sometimes the official Episode account actually shares fan work if they really like the edits. Like Kandy said, as long as you aren't trying to make money off it, it's perfectly fine.

    • Tanya Diamond
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      What I'm going to say is exactly the same as the two above!

    • myarmyofmonkeys
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      I think you can actually use them as stencils anyways, I think the main thing is here, you don't use anything of episodes, such as downloading their content and using it then selling it, using it as a template/stencil/reference is fine - as long as you aren't using the material itself.

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    Thank you! You have no idea how happy I am to see this. I've seen people selling their covers or edits using Episode assets and it really seems very wrong, to be honest.


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      as an artist myself. I know the rule well. I have never had any artwork stolen (well not that I know off ) but I have a couple of friends who have . not so long ago I actually did find one of my friend's artwork to sale on a phone cover. she was so surprised when I told it to her.


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        Hi Guys, since we are talking about copyrights and such, I wanted to take some time to talk about using backgrounds on episode and what you can and can't use. I have ran this past an admin already and they hope to expand on it more in the future, but here is some information to start with. Trinady Cass Liz Jeremy If there is anything I am wrong about, please let me know and I will update the information here and on my drive and instagram. (@backgroundfactory)

        Lets learn about art use on episode!


        Q: Do images have to be Ok for commercial use on episode?

        A: Yes

        Q: But I’m an unpaid writer, so that means I can use them right?

        A: Wrong. If they slip past an admin, you are responsible for your story content and could face copyright infringement fines. Because all writers are entitled to payments and episode runs on tickets, gems, and has in app purchases, your content must be acceptable for commercial use.

        Q: What can I use then?

        A: You can use public domain pictures, which are the easiest, you can also use images which you have purchased a license for, but you may have to credit the artist.

        Q: I found an image on a public domain site but an admin rejected it, why?

        A: Sometimes images on public domain sites are shared without authorization.

        Q: How can I be sure that what I am using is safe then?

        A: You are going to have to be a detective! There are reverse image searching sites such as where you can reverse search an image to try to find the original source with the license. If you cannot find the original source with the license information, I would not recommend using it.

        Q: What about brands and logos?

        A: This is a big nope. The exceptions are social media icons.

        Q: The image says “free” why can’t I use it?

        A: Does it say free for commercial use or personal use? Personal use is only if you are not sharing it, this is not sufficient for use on episode.

        Q: I removed a watermark, that means I can use the image right?

        A: WRONG. Removing a watermark does not remove a copyright. Also, it’s illegal. Artists use watermarks to protect their work. Removing it is stealing and violates that artist as well.

        Q: I used google images, that’s Ok right?

        A: Nope. Google images is NOT public domain. Google does have search filters which state “labeled for reuse” but even with that you need to check the license and restrictions.

        Q: What if the image is labeled as stock but doesn’t have any additional rules?

        A: It’s best not to assume, contact the artist and ask permission.

        Q: A lot of people on Episode use this background, obviously it’s fine right?

        A: Wrong. Just because Sally broke the law doesn’t make it OK for you to.

        Q: I edited the picture, does that mean I can use it?

        A: Nope. It means you did unauthorized edits to a copywritten image.

        Q: I won’t get sued, it would be Episode wouldn’t it?

        A: Wrong. You are responsible for your story content and you click a disclaimer when you upload.

        Q: What are some sites I can download images from that are safe to use?

        A: First of all, my drive: Everything that is rendered I have purchased from the daz 3d website, and rendered myself, and have the right to redistribute. However I do not guarantee the copyrights on images that are not my own and it’s up to you to check on those ones in the “public domain” folder. I also have a stock gallery at and those are all my own photos and are free to use. For updates on new releases for background factory, follow @backgroundfactory on instagram, and you can download some of my backgrounds and many other fantastic arts on

        Outside sites:

        Recommended Readme’s

        The info at the bottom of this page:

        Get to know the different license types:

        Thanks For reading guys. If you need help replacing images, I can help you, just DM me here or on instagram @backgroundfactory
        I can also render you some things if we can't find stock and I have the materials.

        I don't charge for helping people out and supporting the episode community and safe art use, but I appreciate donations to my donation pool on paypal, Goodluck with your stories guys!
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          And what if People just edit the Outfits but the character itself is original from Episode? is it allowed to sell that?


          • myarmyofmonkeys
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            I doubt it. But ask the admin. Basically you cant sell art episode made even if you edit it, is what I gather from this post. You can sell art based on episodes models, that you drew yourself. I could be wrong, but this is what I think they mean. For instance, Thorne (my character in my story) is drawn in episodes clothing, but they were only used as reference pictures, the episode files weren't used or altered.

          • Zerda.episode
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            myarmyofmonkeys Thank you

          • Trinady
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            On point on that explanation, Thank you myarmyofmonkeys

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          I edited episode backgrounds for personal use (like add a vase with roses) is that ok? Im still waiting for it to be approved though


          • Apes
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            That's completely fine

          • Chida
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            Pfew im glad to hear that!