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A new way to save your Episode app progress

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  • A new way to save your Episode app progress

    Hello Episodians!

    This week we are beginning testing on a new system that will make it easier for you to save and restore your Episode app progress. To start with, only a small percentage of you will see this option, but we will roll it out to everyone as soon as we can!

    When it’s live, you will be able to use Facebook or Google logins to retrieve your saved Episode progress. When you get the new option you’ll see it either when you install Episode on a new device, through the Settings menu, or simply by logging into your Episode Profile or the Create tab.

    When the feature is rolled out to you, you will automatically be signed out of your account in the app. The next time you login your email account will be automatically linked with your saved game.

    See below for a sneak peek of what this will look like in the app!

    As a reminder you can still only transfer between devices on the same OS. Apples to Apples and Androids to Androids Feel free to leave your comments below - we’d love to know what you think. If you get the feature and notice a bug, please contact our support team and let us know!


    The Episode Team

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    That’s great! But how do you delete progress?


    • a.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s
      a.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s commented
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      You can't.

    • ellesfaux
      ellesfaux commented
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      Go to your Settings, then to Application Manager. There, you press Episode, then press Clear Data.

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    I feel like this is going to make things so much easier, thanks!


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      I'm very late I'm guessing this new feature is already in tact? If so I haven't seen it this way at all, I'm still able to log in with my Google account and go one about my business but I've never seen this. I'd love to! Any help would be generous and appreciated thank you!


      • Kandy
        Kandy commented
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        "To start with, only a small percentage of you will see this option, but we will roll it out to everyone as soon as we can!"

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      Huh, what a handy update. Great job!


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        What about Ipad to Apple?


        • Anonymous100
          Anonymous100 commented
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          iPad is an Apple device.
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        • DaAphmau =D
          DaAphmau =D commented
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          Thanks! =D

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        Can't wait!


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          That's a much more efficient system than the current one we have. I lost my progress and never got it back before. I think this is going to solve those issues.

          Edit: Can we have multiple e-mails / saves and swap accounts anytime we want?
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            I've got this popping up on my tablet. I can not log in from my tablet OR my phone. It's not letting me use my gmail email address. I am fuming! I clicked one of those new buttons yesterday, stupid of me yes, but I didn't know it would bugger up my episode profile. I am really angry at this and if it continues I am going to have to stop writing because I cant preview my scrip as surprise surprise the preview in my writers portal doesn't work either!
            I'm sorry but I am FUMING! Thanks a lot ...

            (A very unhappy episode writer!)


            • Trinady
              Trinady commented
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              Your emails are connected to a specific device. If you're trying to restore from another device, you must press the "Restore From Another Device" button. If you're attempting to use multiple devices for writing, this is not supported, unfortunately. Please submit a support ticket and they'll be able to help you further.

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            I have a question: Will multiple devices be supported in the future? I co-write with a fellow Episode author & we have a joint portal. She uses an Apple device & I use an Android. Does this mean that we will both not be able to log in to the Episode App any longer? Previously we were able to be in the App simultaneously. Thanks!


            • Trinady
              Trinady commented
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              Hey! Unfortunately, this isn't planned at the moment. We would recommend to collaborate in portal versus logging into each others' app. The web previewer now makes building stories easier. Try that out!

            • Em Ahsain
              Em Ahsain commented
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              Thank you for the response Another super quick question: can we be anticipating a feature where we can hear music & see readerMessage in the Web Previewer too? I know at this time this is not supported... also, will the Props be supported by the Web Previewer? In any scene that includes a prop, my Web Previewer gives me an Error Message 8... or this is something I should submit a ticket for?

              Thanks once again & you guys are awesome for all your hard work