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    Did music_dangerousdubstep get removed? Because I went to go play it in the story and it wasn't there. And when I tried to use it, it said there was an error?


    • Arel Noah
      Arel Noah commented
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      Same Trinady

    • surly
      surly commented
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      Just came to comment the same-- this was a really rad tune, hoping it comes back soon.

    • purplezombieattack
      purplezombieattack commented
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      Hopefully they're just renaming it like they did with music_lifeofweed or something. I hope it comes back before the next contest deadline, because I needed it for one scene :/

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    Yeah, I really like dangerous dubstep and would really like it back or else I can't update my story. It just fits so perfectly for my villains entrance.


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      Hey guys! Sorry for the confusion! It seems that some of the sounds were accidentally released. Among them, were [music_dangerousdubstep], [music_loveclimax] and [music_poppunkanthem]. These are IP associated sounds and were not meant for public use.

      Stay tuned for more sound and music to come though!


      • CaitlinRumble
        CaitlinRumble commented
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        That's a shame, they were good tracks, but I understand. Looking forward to more new music whenever it comes though!

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      Hy guys plsase how do u add sounds to your story can't seem to find the option and i dont know much about it since i just started writing


      • CaitlinRumble
        CaitlinRumble commented
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        Hi! Just write
        sound nameofsound
        music nameofmusic
        (to turn the music off, just write music off )
        For a more indepth explanation,you can check the beginner directing guide at on the writer's portal.
        And if you ever get stuck with, you can feel free to message me.
        Hope that helps.

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      This isn't ENTIRELY related to this, and I didn't feel like making an entire new topic out of it, so I'm just gonna ask here. So I can't play the sounds on my computer. Only a few sounds work- so I know it's PROBABLY not my computer, but I don't know. So I can't preview music or anything, which is a huge bummer. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or what I'm doing wrong?


      • Charris
        Charris commented
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        Same problem here!

      • Trinady
        Trinady commented
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        I would recommend filing a support ticket complete with screenshots! They'll be able to help troubleshoot

      • Angel101
        Angel101 commented
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        Trinady Thanks for the recommendation!