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  • Open Beta for Episode Spotlight Format


    We’re excited to invite you all to an open beta test of the resurrection of Spotlight! Starting today, you’ll be able to explore what we hope is a muuuch easier, simpler way to tell a story on the Episode platform.

    Q: Why Now?

    A: We’ve been wrestling for a long time with the problem of: it’s too hard to write for Episode. Not only is it taking us (and you all, I’m sure) a ton of time to polish our stories, it’s also difficult to learn. It’s our hope that we can make it super easy to write compelling stories in this new (old?) format.

    Q: How do I use it?

    A: Once you’ve updated to Episode 7.1 on your phone (iOS or Android), you’ll be ready to go. Very simply use the line “gain spotlight” command in your story to activate the new Spotlight mode. While in this mode, you shouldn’t need to spot place characters or dialog, nor enter, exit, or remove characters. Here’s that donacode again:

    gain spotlight


    Currently, the feature cannot be toggled, but will be available in the future!

    Note! Spotlight doesn’t work on Web Previewer yet, but it will sometime in the future!!

    Q: Does it work for Classic / Ink / Limelight?

    A: Yes to all of the above! Spotlight will work with any style of characters, including Classic, Ink, and Limelight.

    Q: Can I publish in this format?

    A: Yes... but we don’t recommend it. This is a beta test so what we are showing you is still an early version of this reincarnation of Spotlight. We’re expecting to make a few changes, and so what you see now may look or feel differently later, or it might break your story. Don’t worry, we’ll do our best to let you know ahead of time for any changes that might mess up your stories, but for the time being we suggest you hold off on publishing.

    Q: What are those changes that are coming?

    A: We have some ideas, but really, it all depends on the feedback you all give! What should we change or build about this feature? Let us know!

    Q: How long will the Beta test be?

    A: The test runs from October 25th until November 13th, 2017. We'll update this p

    Q: I’ve got some feedback for you!

    A: Great! Let us know what you think by filling out this form here. Feel free to post multiple feedbacks!
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    I am so excited about this XD


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      That would be so cool!


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        I'm looking forward to seeing the new authors who'll feel more at ease using this format! Also loving the preview gif.


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          I'm super happy that we change between spotlight and regular format I think this will give a great opportunity to spice our stories up1


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            I liked the idea of people using their art to tell stories in spotlight. i was hoping you could somehow make that work :P


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              Yay this is going to be so amazing!


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                This is amazing 🙌🏽


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                  Ahhhh!!! Spotlight is back! Never thought I’d see this again. Hopefully the format catches on this time ‘round. It’s a lot simpler in directing but there’s more of an emphasis on narration! Which is great. Really looking forward to the release. :-)


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                    Love it! 😁


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                      So, we can use both the "cinematic" and "spotlight" format at the same time? I mean, writing one scene in spotlight (for ex., when character is talking on the phone) and then go back to usual format?


                      • Didi.Episode
                        Didi.Episode commented
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                        Yup, brilliant, right?

                      • Trinady
                        Trinady commented
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                        That's the idea!

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                      This is cool.


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                        Another great update by the team! I'm sure a lot of our members will enjoy trying out the beta and eventually implementing the final product into their stories!


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                          it keeps saying invalid command when i put "loseFlag spotlight" ???


                          • Trinady
                            Trinady commented
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                            Updated the post! Sorry for the confusion!

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                          I remember the original Spotlight; thank you for this resurrection. Even better, their facial expressions don't just change but their poses do too!