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  • Portal + Mobile Creator Update!

    Hello Episodians & Happy Release Thursday!

    Today’s Writer Portal release is the long requested increase to the story description box. The box once limited the characters to 120, but now you can use up to 180!

    We also have a new feature for Mobile Creator! You are now able to change the zone of your backgrounds in Mobile Creator using Zone Picker (ZP)!

    What is ZP?

    Zone Picker refers to the ability to use different zones of the background to be able to tell your story across a background! While this ability exists on our Web Portal, it’s now available for Mobile Creator as well.

    Do I have access to ZP?

    The feature will unlock once you’ve written at least 15 beats on MC.

    How do I use Zone Picker?
    • Use the arrow icons/swipe left or right to explore the background and navigate the zone you want to use
    • Once you are in the zone of your choice, you can add new or move existing characters to that zone using the character menu
    • Remember: the zone that you exit a beat on is the zone that the camera is pointed at for that beat
    This is confusing!

    We understand! To help make it clearer, we have guide videos coming out soon that will help understand how to use ZP to create even better stories on MD. In the meantime, please do reach out to us with questions/concerns or complaints and we will try our best to address them.

    We also have a little tease for next week~

    The app is going to get a small update that includes a reformat for the large story card and a progress bar for stories you’ve begun.

    The progress bar will help remind you of which stories you’ve already begun, and also let you know how much further in that story you have to go!

    The large story card reformat is more crisp, and easier to understand. Stories will be given badges to help identify them and see what perks you get for reading them, such as “Earn Gems”. The badges will also let you know if the story has been updated recently.

    As always, if you have any issue please let us know!


    The Episode Team
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    Wow! Thank you <3 This is awesome!


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      Holy cow, this is brilliant! Thank you!


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        Amazing!!😍 Can’t wait for the new update, also so happy the character count for descriptions have gone up, thank you guys🙆🏻❤️


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          Wow! Thanks so much! I love this!


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            Thanks for this update!


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              Wow, Thanks so much Episode! I can't wait for the next update!


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                O.H M.Y G.O.D.
                The story description box update is an absolute LIFE SAVER! I am so verbose, and it's so hard for me to summarize a 10 episode story in under 200 characters. This is gonna help me immensely! Also, loving the new large story cover format!


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                  Looks great! And it's awesome that writers can finally elaborate a bit more in the story descriptions ^^ very excited! Keep up the good work! <3


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                    This is great, but when will we be able to use LIMELIGHT on Mobile Creator? That would be AMAZING!


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                      This is really cool! Thanks for the update!


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                        Thank you so much for these cool new features! I'm sure this will be helpful for me and everyone else in the future.


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                          Awesome! I really appriciate that you guys always strive to make the app better and better!


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                            This looks awesome! Will there ever be an update that allows us to make stories on mobile using the Limelight Style?


                            • Jhonnie Mac
                              Jhonnie Mac commented
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                              They are currently working on that. I remember them saying around the upcoming year, 2018.

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                            This is so cool!!! Thanks EI!!