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  • New Portal Features!

    Hello Episodians!

    The Portal is getting another awesome update this week! There’s 2 new updates going out today--the outfit creator is getting revamped and Zendesk help is now available in your script editor!

    Revamped Outfit Creator

    The new features for the Outfit Creator include
    • a dynamic preview that now shows you when the preview is working on being generated (see the loading circle!
    • improved button layout -- all buttons are now at the top of the preview window.
    • a front/back preview toggle
      Now you can see how the complete outfit works from behind and in front!
    • character outfit preview: You can now select which previously created character to view an outfit on. No more guessing if that hat will work with your character’s hair!

    Zendesk Help in your Script Editor

    Note: This update is being released to a small number of portal users while we test it out. If you don’t have it yet, don’t worry, we will roll it out to everyone as soon as we can.

    You can now get help on your script without ever leaving the script editor! Just tap the “Need Help?” button on the left side of the page.

    Tapping the button will pull up our Zendesk FAQ articles which now also include the ALL the donacode guides. Articles will be suggested to you based on which section you have open in the Library on the right side of your page. You can also type in search terms and in the event you still can’t find an answer - click the ‘Contact Support’ support button to get donacode help from our lovely Support Team.

    Please let us know if there is anything wrong or if you have any feedback for any of these features via Support. We appreciate all the help!


    The Episode Team
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    Trinady Great update 😍 but one question/suggestion 😊

    would it be possible to make the character previewer sticky while browsing through the clothes and trying them on? 🤔 so instead of scrolling up to see how the outfit looks, it'd be awesome to directly see it 🤔

    hope it's clear what I meant 😅 like the previewer besides the script, I can scroll down in the script but the previewer is stuck on the side 🤗💖

    thanks so much for your hard work on improving the portal 💖
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    • Fantasia Episode
      Fantasia Episode commented
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      Antika and Queen Faith same! Its so annoying, I wish the previewer could just pop in the middle of the page and then to take it away you could just press an X button.

    • Brinckmyster
      Brinckmyster commented
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      Completely agree! All that scrolling is annoying!

    • emeibe3
      emeibe3 commented
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      great idea

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    I really like it! I hate making outfits to start with. So to have to go back in and change an outfit because it doesn't look right on a character...
    Well, that kills my soul somewhat.

    So thanks for this update! It's a huge help!


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        Great update! This will help a lot for many portal users


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          I am so stoked! Just yesterday I was thinking about how handy it would be to be able to preview outfits on characters whilst still in the outfit creator!! loving life xxx


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            YESSS Thank you so much I love this !


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              That view from rear function is something I never realised I needed until you guys released it...


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                hI, i'M hErE tOo!!


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                  This is a fantastic update! Thank you for doing this.


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                    WOW amazing update thank youu!


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                      My Writer Portal Previewer (in Story -for Animations/Behaviors - not outfits previewer!) just lost its X close button. 😯
                      Last edited by CoraMae Jones; 12-22-2017, 04:43 AM.


                      • Liz
                        Liz commented
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                        Can you please file a support ticket with your story information? The more reports we get the faster we are able to diagnose and fix this issue.

                      • VickyS
                        VickyS commented
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                        Same here! I can't quit the animation preview, and I have to refresh the page. :I

                      • Trinady
                        Trinady commented
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                        Thank you so much for the report! We're investigating!

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                      Thank you, that's a great update!


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                        Love it!!!!


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                          This is awesome!