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Spotlight & Text Effects are HERE!

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  • Spotlight & Text Effects are HERE!

    Hello Episodians!

    It’s been long anticipated, and hyped up - Spotlight & Text Effects are HERE!

    Text Effects

    What are text effects?

    You may remember we showed you a sneak peak of Text Effects earlier this year. Text effects are font customization that allow you to put more emphasis on certain parts of the dialogue in your story. Text effects are available in all styles!

    Text effects can be applied to all 3 types of dialogue:
    • Narrator boxes
    • Speech bubbles
    • Thought bubbles
    We also have 3 types of effects that can be applied:
    • Formatting
    • Colors
    • Animations
    How do I add text effects into my script?

    All text effects require the | character to start and end the command.

    Multiple commands can be used together when separated by a comma (,) meaning you can mix and match formatting, colors and animations.

    MINA (talk_agree_happy)
    This so |underline, bold, colorink| CUTE!

    ERIC (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
    Whew! I was |italic, color:blue, animation:shake| preeeeeeeetty worried there for a bit…
    Text effects that are applied will be automatically reset after each dialog.

    To end an effect before the end of the dialogue, you’ll want to use |reset|.
    If you want to reset the effect before a punctuation mark, use |reset, no-space| to get the punctuation next to your formatted word(s)!

    MINA (talk_agree_happy)
    This so |underline, bold, colorink| CUTE |reset, no-space|!

    ERIC (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
    Whew! I was |italic, color:blue, animation:shake| preeeeeeeetty |reset| worried there for a bit…
    You can find the full list of text effects using the right-hand section shown here:

    What formatting effects are available?

    Here’s the full list of formatting command at this time:
    • bold
    • italic
    • underline
    • strikethrough
    • superscript
    • subscript
    These would be written as |formatName| and can be combined using a comma.
    • Example: |bold, italic| or |underline|
    What color effects are available?

    Here’s a sample list of the colors we have at this time:

    The exact syntax is |color:colorName| for text colors, |highlight:colorName| for highlight colors, |outline:colorName| for outline colors, OR |shadow:colorName| for drop shadow colors, and CANNOT be combined using a comma.

    What animation effects are available?

    Here’s the full list of available animation commands at this time:
    • shake / shuffle
    • flash / blink
    These would be written as |animation:animationName| and CANNOT be combined using a comma.
    • Example: |animation:shake|
    What if I want to do some advanced effect work?

    To create some more advanced effects you can use the no-space command. This will prevent space from being added in between words, letters or punctuation that have text effects applied.

    You can set how quickly you want your animation by adding a # to the end of the animation command |animation:animationName:#|. The # indicates how many times you want that animation to happen per second.

    Doing this can help you create effects like the one here:
    Enjoy using |bold, animation:shuffle:5| Text Effects |reset, no-space| , on |color:yellow, bold| E |no-space, color:lightpink, bold| p |no-space, color:blush, bold| i |no-space, colorink, bold| s |no-space, color:lavender, bold| o |no-space, color:skyblue, bold| d |no-space, color:cyan, bold| e |no-space, bold| !
    Which translates to this.


    What’s Spotlight?

    Spotlight is a simplified story format with animated character portraits and speech bubbles. It’s faster to write in, because it required less spot director and a smaller amount of donacode, and can be toggled on/off.

    Important Note: This format can only work for INK & Limelight.
    Spotlight format will not work with Classic because of Classic's technical limitations.

    Beyond that, everything else that works in Cinematic Style scripts works in Spotlight stories: Choices, conditionals, flags Labels, gotos, Overlay animations, etc.

    Information on how to use Spotlight Style is available in the Advance Directing Guide and the Episode Help Center! Please let us know if there is anything wrong or if you have any feedback about either of these features via Support. We appreciate all the help!


    The Episode Team

  • #2
    Yay this is awesome! I was lucky enough to get to test the text feature and I'm glad it's available to everyone now. When used right I really feel that it can add to the story!
    I'm also super excited that we can toggle spotlight on and off now!


    • #3
      Oh my god!! This is the best news ever! I can't wait to start using these new features!


      • #4
        Thank you so much for these!


        • EpisodeGirl5678
          EpisodeGirl5678 commented
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          Woah, Amy T!
          I love you!

      • #5
        This is amazing! It's soooooooooo complicated, but we'll get the hang of it.


        • #6
          Great update, again!!! Thank you!


          • #7
            I love it! ❤️ I’d just ask, is it possible to add another text affect: ALIGN CENTER? 🤗🤗🤗


            • Trinady
              Trinady commented
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              That's a cool idea! I'll pass this along, thanks!

          • #8
            YES! I am so happy!


            • #9
              Can't wait to use the new text effects in my new limelight story )


              • #10
                It would be cool if we could add breaks in speechbubbles! Something like:

                Dear John, |break|I miss you. |break|Sincerely, Me.

                Where the speech bubble would look like this;

                Dear John,
                I miss you.
                Sincerely, Me.

                instead of this:

                Dear John, I miss you. Sincerely, Me.
                Last edited by Dara Amarie; 12-22-2017, 10:31 PM.


                • Shenie Glitterz
                  Shenie Glitterz commented
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                  I totally agree this would great.

                • Trinady
                  Trinady commented
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                  Hey! This is actually possible with the command [nl]. Such as:

                  Dear John, [nl]
                  I miss you. [nl]
                  Sincerely, Me.

                  Please be careful when combining with Text Effects, as it may cancel out. Feel free to experiment!

                • Dara Amarie
                  Dara Amarie commented
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                  Trinady Awesome! Thank you!

              • #11
                Woo! I've been thinking of redoing an older story of mine but I didn't want to direct. Now I can do it in Spotlight!


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                  The coding is right and the script saves, but everything except italic and bold show up in the speech / thought/ narrator bubble on ONE of my stories (it works with the other two.) The one it works with are blue and purple speech/thought/narration bubbles and the one it doesn’t work with is the pink speech/thought/narration bubble

                  color, highlights , shadows and everything are showing , except bold and italic

                  I looked at it from the web previewer, my phone , and my friend’s phone( from a reader’s perspective) and everything is there in the speech/thought/narrator bubbles except bold and italic.

                  Do you or anyone know how to fix this or why this is happening?
                  Last edited by Shantastic1999; 12-23-2017, 02:24 AM.


                  • Trinady
                    Trinady commented
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                    Hey! It appears that the bold/italics were NOT released for Demi Lavoto or Mean Girls style bubbles. We'll be working on a fix. Thanks for the report!

                  • Shantastic1999
                    Shantastic1999 commented
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                    Oh, ok. Though it is working for my Demi Lovato style bubbles, just not my mean girls one.

                • #13
                  This is so awesome! Thank you!


                  • #14
                    omg this week has been full of SO MANY AMAZING RELEASES!


                    • #15
                      Thanks, I'm so happy
                      I waited for this, now I can finally use it