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Spotlight on Love: Writers Contest for December 2017!

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    Hey guys, I published my entry and I would really appreciate if you give it a try
    TITLE: Spotlight: ESCAPE
    EPISODES: 3 so far
    GENRE: Drama
    DESCRIPTION: Sybil moves to England trying to escape her past.. Chris is trying to escape his fate.
    Will they both be able to escape who they are?
    Or will they have to accept their lives?
    INSTAGRAM: anonymous.episode.writes
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      Hi! I published my story
      I wold be very glad if you give it a try
      title: Spotlight: Sweet Revenge
      author: emara
      story description:

      Rachel is cheated by her boyfriend on Valentine's day but on that evening she meets Daniele signorini who offers her a very good deal......

      genre: Romance
      style: INK
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        Hey everyone, here's my entry...

        Title: Spotlight: Kiss Me Through The Phone
        Author: Amberose
        Genre: romance
        Style: Limelight
        Description: It all started with a lost phone. Lola just wanted to help return it. She would have never guessed that the person on the other end of all the calls would be her one true love.
        Chapters: 3 and completed


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          Hi!! I've included my story. It was my first time writing for both a contest as well as the spotlight format. Hopefully there's not too many kinks!
          Good luck to everyone entering!

          Title: Spotlight On Love: Agent 99
          Author: PensPaperandDreams
          Genre: Romance- Action
          Style: Limelight Spotlight
          Description: You become the target of the city as a terrorist attack is pinned on you. With the help of The Agency and your handsome partner, can you clear your name and win his heart?
          Chapters: 3 completed


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            Hi everyone!

            I thought I'd post mine here, too.
            If you're interested in reading another, here's my entry

            Story Title; Spotlight: Adamantine Love

            Author Name: Sally D.
            Description: Accustomed to your tainted perceptions,you start to slowly uncover clues. Could it be that an awakening was in your cards all along?

            [Choices matter; Bonus scenes; Character Customization]

            Style: Spotlight; Limelight
            Number of Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
            Music and Sounds: Yes

            IG: @vrose.episode


            Good luck to all who entered!
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              Story name- Spotlight: In the Name of Love
              Style: Spotlight, Limelight
              Author: Stefania
              Number of episodes: 3 (ongoing)

              Here is a link to my story for the contest.
              If you all have time, check it out, and in return, I will check yours out too. xoxo

              Good luck to everybody who entered. ♡

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                Here's my spotlight entry! Please help me share this story around

                Title: Spotlight: Accidentally Spying On Her
                Author: miss robee
                Genre: romance
                Style: Limelight
                Episodes: 3
                Description: Awkward guy Cyrus is in love with popular girl Ana. When Cyrus decides to woo Ana, an unintended wish turns him into shy girl Elisa's teddy bear! What can Cyrus do?


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                  Hey guys check out my entry! Spotlight: The ‘50s



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                    Hey guys check out my spotlight entry while you wait for this one! Spotlight: The ‘50s



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                      Hey everybody, I have published my entry for the contest and would love for you to try it:
                      Title: Spotlight: Take it from Me, Lauren
                      Author: Soura Rajeshwara
                      Style: Spotlight, Limelight
                      Episodes published: 3 (planning for 10 in total)
                      Genre: Romance
                      Story Description: With help from her Love Fairy, Lauren chooses between three suitors and learns about the true meaning of love along the way.
                      Share link:
                      Thank you!