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Character Creator now available in the web portal!

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  • Character Creator now available in the web portal!

    Hello again creators!

    Some Release Thursdays have double the surprises!

    If you've ever needed to copy a story, you've probably run into the situation where you get a bunch of error messages prompting you to go and create your characters all over again.

    With today's Portal release...

    You can now create characters on the fly in the script editor!

    For characters that don't exist, you'll see a prompt that looks like this after you click SAVE:

    If you truly had a typo, use the SKIP option so that you can fix your typo.

    Otherwise, selecting MALE / FEMALE will set up a character for you using one of the actors (these are the pre-designed characters available on the portal), depending on the style that you want (separate prompt not shown).

    This feature works for all THREE art styles: Classic, Ink and Limelight!

    Hopefully, this feature makes your story creation experience much more efficient. Happy writing!

    With love,

    The Episode Team

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    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I can now save my time with background characters and actually make them in my free time. Thank you!


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      This is amazing!!


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        This is something I never knew I needed, until now.


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          This is so cool! One thing though, the characters will look like the actors, so we will have to go change their look, which equals the same as creating a character not on the script. 🤔


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            This is super coolio!


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              This is so cool, thanks!


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                Awesome! Thanks for this


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                  Liz Is the team planning to add features like copying an existing character or outfit? For example, creators often have a "young" copy of a character with only small changes (hairstyle or a couple of other features), or similar outfits where only one or two details are different (added/removed piece of jewelry, jacket etc.) Now we need to create two characters/outfits from scratch and this doesn't exactly save time. It would be great to spend this time coding/testing instead!


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                    I completely support this!

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                  This will save a lot of time for those writer *me included* who always like to go extra with background characters. 😂 And thank you so much for adding this!


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                    This is great help! I absolutely love this feature, would save up so much time and make things easier.


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                      Love the idea! Thank you!


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                        I can tell this is going to make so many users incredibly happy! <3


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                          I was just wondering how cool it'd be to have this as a feature! Thanks for the update, seems very useful!


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                            This is wonderful; hopefully in the future something along the lines of ‘random character creator’ is added, as it has been requested. Would be neat to lessen the time creating background characters without the hassle of having to customize all their features.