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You read it right! We are pleased to announce that the new forums have progressed from Closed Beta to Open Beta and everyone is invited! You can now join us here and begin leaving us feedback here! Thanks to the entire Episode community for your awesome contributions and being part of the Episode Community fam! - The Episode Community Team
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New Portal Feature and Alerts!

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  • New Portal Feature and Alerts!

    Hello again creators!

    Today we have another portal update introducing a couple new features to help with writing and publishing your story!

    Have you ever accidentally saved your script and lost some really important changes?

    You will be able to see your previous script changes! So now every time you save your script click on the “See All Previous Revisions” button to see your history:

    Note: If the Episode Support Team is currently working with you on script issues or questions then you may see revisions saved by Episode.

    The second update this week is a new alert when saving your story info. You’ll get this notification if a story is being saved with words in the Story Description, Search Keywords, Author Name or Biography that may block it from showing up in search results in the app. This notification will show up when saving your story information or when trying to publish.

    Save Changes:


    One last thing to note is that we’ve removed tagline from the story descriptions as these are no longer used on story cards.

    Happy writing!

    The Episode Team

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    FINALLY! I've been wanting this feature for a while now! I even made this feature request thread a while back:

    So glad to finally see this being implemented! No more having to email the team to retrieve my last saves!!!


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      Thank you for this!


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        Thank you!


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          Thanks a bunch for this! I think a lot of people will find it handy


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            I liked this update a lot, it is very helpful!!! Thank you so much for making our lives easier


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              Awesome! New Updates are always lit!


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                Awesome! This is going to make life so much easier if I ever accidentally forget to save stuff


                • GoodMorningToki
                  GoodMorningToki commented
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                  If you don't save it won't be there.Like your computer shuts down and you didn't save your script then whatever you had written won't be there.

                • Mashia
                  Mashia commented
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                  I meant that I save time to time through the directing so if I forget to save the last time, it just means I won't really lose much GoodMorningToki

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                As a cat owner, this is a true blessing.


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                  This is amazing!! Thank you Episode 😍


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                    Thank you ! ! ! !


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                      Yay! Thanks, Episode!


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                        Thank you 🙂 this is exactly what we all needed 🤗


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                          Thank you!!