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You read it right! We are pleased to announce that the new forums have progressed from Closed Beta to Open Beta and everyone is invited! You can now join us here and begin leaving us feedback here! Thanks to the entire Episode community for your awesome contributions and being part of the Episode Community fam! - The Episode Community Team
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New Portal Tool!

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  • New Portal Tool!

    Hello Episodians!

    Today in Portal we are releasing story Completion Status to everyone! Now, you can let your readers know if your story is complete or if new episodes are on their way. No more adding “COMPLETE” to your story titles!

    You can update the Completion Status in the More Options page or on the Publish page.

    More Options:


    Now, readers will now see “FULLY RELEASED” at the bottom of the story card!

    We also made the Publish page easier to use by adding Search Keywords directly to the page so that you can update them right before publishing. Filling in this section of your story info will help your story show up in results when readers search the app for something new to play!

    We also have a bonus Instagram update!

    We’ve added a Linktree to our @episodecreators Instagram account. Now you can click on and be taken to directly to the link instead of having to painstakingly copy / paste the link from Instagram into your browser. This is new experiment for us and we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions about what links you would like to see!

    And, as always, if you have any issue please let us know!


    The Episode Team
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  • #2
    Yessss!!!!! I have 4 completed stories =D Going to adjust this right now and get rid of the [COMPLETE] in the title haha.


    • #3
      Yes! Completion status! I've definitely been looking forward to this. I never wanted to put (COMPLETE) in my story titles but I get so many questions regarding updates for stories I'm already done writing.


      • #4
        Thank god for this! So glad you guys listened to requests, I really love Episode for that.


        • #5
          Sees Episode added a "complete" feature.



          • #6
            This is awesome!


            • #7
              YAAAASS I was waiting for this <3 I can get rid of [COMPLETED] <3 thank you <3


              • #8
                Thank you, creators!!!


                • #9
                  Wow!! That's amazing!!! Thank you very much 😍😍💖 Trinady


                  • #10
                    Delighted with the option to mark as complete!!! Does this mean the last chapter will no longer have that looping message "the author has not yet continued this story, we encourage you to write to the author... blah, blah, blah" ?

                    This often encourages readers to ask when it will be continued, even when the story is complete. I hope this update removes this as otherwise, it may prove a pointless update.


                    • #11
                      Yeeeeeeeeeesssss! We've been waiting for this!


                      • #12
                        This is such a cool feature!


                        • #13
                          There are some status missing. Can you add them?

                          -STORY ON HOLD
                          -STORY WON’T BE UPDATED
                          -DON’T READ THIS STORY



                          • #14
                            This will be really cool. I won't have to worry about starting a story that I am unsure if it is complete or abandoned.


                            • #15
                              Will there be a delete story button feature coming out soon?