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Limelight Valentine's Day 2018

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  • Limelight Valentine's Day 2018

    Happy Thursday!

    We would like to make this week exceptional, by giving your characters an extra special clothing set for this lovely holiday. Find the full list of Limelight Valentine’s Day clothing below!

    Limelight Female:
    Bodycon Sleeveless Dress Asymmetrical Lace Overlay Polyester Red Cherry
    Ankle Boot Asymmetrical Red Sole
    Bralette Halter Sides Lace Detailing Silk Red Cherry
    Tap Short Pants Top And Bottom Lace Detailing Silk Grey Black
    Fluffy Ball Tip Mule Heels Leather Pink Pale
    Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater Cotton Cream
    Pleated Skirt Metal Heart Belt Red Burgundy
    Ankle Strap Heeled Shoes Leather Grey Black

    Limelight Male:
    Open Accented Pocketed Top Dark Lapel Open Jacket Polyester Red Wine
    Vest And Shirt Combo Heart Tie Long Sleeve Cuffed Shirt Polyester Red Wine
    Belted Pressed Slacked Baggy Ankles Polyester Red Wine
    Split Top Slip Ons Gradient Patent Leather Red Black
    Sweater Swoop Neck Striped Collar Shirt Combo Cotton Pink Salmon
    Minimal Rimmed Facewatch Leather Brown
    Chinos Belted Leisure Pants Cotton Yellowbeige
    Laced Up Tennis Sneakers Canvas Light Grey
    Boxer Brief Panel Pink Heart Grey Black Heart
    Moccasin Slipper Suede Large Stitching Wool Lining Suede Grey Black

    And, as always, if you have any issue please let us know!


    The Episode Team

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    these are great i hope we get things for ink soon too


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      These are gonna be amazing! But I have a quick question Trinady When will you update superhero outfits? I'm starting my story and I want to create a cover but none of the superhero costumes released fit my story. Will it be next week or will there be a double release?


      • Trinady
        Trinady commented
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        Soon! We're very excited for them!

    • #4
      Thank you!!!


      • #5
        Is it already out? It's not popping up for me


        • blueeyedangel
          blueeyedangel commented
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          Same thing for me

        • WinterMoon05
          WinterMoon05 commented
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          Same here. I think Episode are releasing it next week in time for Valentine's Day.

          Also, thanks so much! Always love a update on clothes!
          Last edited by WinterMoon05; 02-08-2018, 01:45 PM.

        • Dara Amarie
          Dara Amarie commented
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          Give it a few hours at the most. It takes time for new assets to show up since it was just released. Some are showing up for me, but some of the others are still missing. I'll give it a day or 2 for all of the assets to show up.

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        Limelight has an update AGAIN ??? 😒😒😒 I was waiting for new clothes for INK....... What a shame..... Anyway thanks for the update but I won't use it.


        • allyy20
          allyy20 commented
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          You don’t have to be so salty of Limelight. INK and Limeligjt updates alternate each week, you’ll expect INK next week. And besides, Limelight will be updated more then INK, but I’m not being mean, Limelight is kinda the main attention now..

      • #7
        This is really awesome! To everyone complaining about this being a LL release, please realise that Limelight really doesn't have a lot of clothes right now. It can put a lot of people off writing in the style because there are so many clothing limitations (e.g no doctors scrubs, no ball dresses, no wedding dresses, no cop uniforms etc). I write in both styles but personally, I find the LL updates more useful because it's needed. The INK updates are great but there's already a lot of awesome clothing options.


        • Dara Amarie
          Dara Amarie commented
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          Anyone who complains about LL constantly getting more updates needs to realize that Limelight is the official style now. Of course from here on out it will continue to have more and more updates. INK assets are still going to be released, but no new things will be added to that style (meaning that animations/clothing that have already been made but were not avialable to the public will be released). Pretty much Episode is going to empty out their INK closet.

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        I appreaciate this so much!


        • #9
          I like them, but I'm a little disappointed they only come in one color


          • #10
            These sound so cute!! I can't wait to dress my character in them


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