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Am I the only one who thought that Trey looked like someone's brother?

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  • Am I the only one who thought that Trey looked like someone's brother?

    I took one look at Trey and said,"Oh my God! He looks like he could be Dante's brother!(I wouldn't put it past Dante to use his brother's auditions to get close to Trinice(My BFF, ) with how clingy he was in Season 3. I remember thinking,"Really Dante? You use your brother's audition to get close to Trinice? Desperate!" LOL! Dante would know that Trinice would be at Karice's Tour auditions, and it is not too far of a stretch for Dante to say,"Hey, just here to cheer my baby brother on in his tour audition! Hey, Trinice, wanna go hang out with me after auditions?" I remember some girl on another website saying something like, "Even before it was revealed that Trey was Maria's brother, I took one look at him and thought,"He kind of looks like the male version of Maria." I was right."
    I(Karice) mentally screamed,"He looks way more like Dante than Maria!"

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    Dante and Trey really don't look all that alike. They aren't even the same skin complexion! Trey is definitely the male version of Maria.


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      Okay, Allison, after looking at Trey a few more times, I definitely see the Maria resemblance. It would have also made sense to have Dante be Trey's brother,