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Rant about ryland

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    Originally posted by AJ PELZER View Post
    In the girl version she was beautiful. I actually did flirt with her as a girl. But as a man, ugh. Stayed clear. I’m heterosexual too, not even curious.
    Oh my God, I agree with you. Male Ryland looks shifty whereas female Ryland is beautiful. I remember a poster on here saying that male Ryland looks like a mole rat, LOL! He does! So creepy looking! I guess having him look like a creep was a foreshadowing to how he suddenly turned out to be a creep just using MC for fame for himself.


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      Originally posted by LadyCatnight View Post
      I chose only female love interests even though I'm into both in real life (although I lean more towards women) because I find the guys a bit repulsive on the app. They're all "OMG he's so hot" and I'm like "His face is melting". But I came here to rant about Ryland too. She is such a bitch! She lied to me and my BFF about her job and makes fun of me for believing it, she says I thought she was a "lowly" translator (translators are badass and deserve respect, not lowly), she makes fun of me for my costume choice, she makes fun of me for taking up her offer to help with my bags (SHE OFFERED!). And I'm only on chapter 4. I am way too upset over this fictional character.
      Oh my, God, good point about the inadvert insulting of real life Translators by calling them lowly! :O Good luck not having someone translate between the different languages! I could see a real life Translator getting offended by Episode calling their job lowly. I guess Ryland should have said,"She thought I was a Translator, " there is no way that could be offensive.