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She had me fooled! SMDH! Spoilers

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  • She had me fooled! SMDH! Spoilers

    Savannah Silvers seemed so nice in Season 1 and 2 and turned into a BITCH and TURNED on the MC in Season 2! She had me FOOLED! She became the new Maria! I can't believe sweet and innocent Savannah from Season 1 and 2 is the same She Devil in Season 3! So appalingly sad! :O

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    Exactly! I was completely shocked and so disappointed in her. Thank god she didn't come back to our label.


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      Savannah didn't really turn into a Bitch IMO. She herself said,"I am done being a good girl!" She was singing in coffee shops, which is what you should be doing as a washed up 45 year old, not a fresh faced girl in your early 20's! Her "Turning" was business, not personal which is good. She didn't personally have beef with the MC, she just didn't want to be put on a back burner(Remember the MC's record label wanted her to be a "fill in" between Trey and MC. She was in fame 2 years before Trey. Who would want to go on after the opening act and before the headliner when you have been famous for 2 years? You would want to be headlining your own tour if you were in Savannah's position. Also, she jumped ship to a well established Record Label that was there for a long time. She didn't want to be part of MC's start up label that had just been established like 1 month ago. Smart.


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        But she just jumped up and left without saying anything. She could have just told the MC in a respectful way. If you picked to record with her, she left because of a misunderstanding (which is never addressed). She didn't have to act so immaturely.

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      Gigi good point. I hate that Savannah and MC NEVER reconciled. It would have been great if they did!


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        It's just a drama-fest if you ask me XD "As Usual"!