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Monique should have been given a second chance....

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  • Monique should have been given a second chance....

    She started off as GOOD and then choked. I was thinking, "Yes, this is the girl I choose! She's awesome, and then she out of nowhere began singing uncomfortably. I remember thinking, "Oh crap! This could end bad for me and her!" I love the subtle close up of her suddenly going from confident to looking uncomfortable. She should have been given a second chance. It was clear she had talent but got a bout of sudden stage fright. She looked like she had the makings of being a huge star, just one that needed to get over her stage fright.

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    It was just another one of their gimmicks. Give a glimpse of hope then snatch it away. They did this with Jasmine earlier in Season 3. She had a GREAT song called, "Get To Know Me," and many of us chose her after hearing how GOOD GTKM sounded, and how AWFUL Trey's Love Garden sounded. Kate BACKSTABS us by saying, "Oh yeah, Jasmine is the better singer. I'll back her up with you!"

    And then double teams with Sonja against our wishes and chooses Trey, saying,"You ARE right! Jasmine is the better singer! Which is why I signed her to MY record label!" I HATED Kate at this point and seriously thought the MC should have gotten a lawyer against Kate! Your supposed to be looking out for your CLIENT'S(MC)best interests, not your OWN!

    And then Kate never showed up again after FORCING us to take Trey after we made it clear we didn't want Trey anymore. I chose Trey at FIRST because he seemed cool and like he had the makings of becoming a major star. But when he sang the AWFUL Love Garden I begun having my doubts. When Jasmine sang the good GTKM, I KNEW I made a huge mistake choosing Trey and changed my vote to Jasmine instead, and then Kate pulled the dirty backstabbing trick on me.
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      Karice, I didn't like the give the glimpse of hope and snatch it away either. They did that with Seoul2Soul planning to boost MC's career with an awesome show and then have them have to cancel when the S2S bus system blew....


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        During a replay, it seems that Monique does have a chance if you pay gems to let Demi sing with her as her support but I ran out of gems to use. Drats!