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Posts on here that actually make sense? :)

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  • Posts on here that actually make sense? :)

    I remember someone starting a hilarious thread, something like, "I hate how we have to spend a bunch of gems to stand up for ourselves and if we don't have gems, we have to be wimpy pushovers! For example. " Oh no! Alex is kissing another girl! He's cheating on you! What do you do?

    Confront him and break up with him. 1 million gems.

    Laugh uncomfortably like a robot and walk away like a wimp. No gems.

    Oh well.

    That is SO true. LOL! SMH

    About Trey, a poster on here said, something like,"I wanted one of the girls! I didn't want Trey even from the beginning! When he was blowing kisses and flirting to the audience he was already giving me a bad vibe. I was thinking, "This guy seems like he is going to be huge trouble if picked! And I was right!"

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    Things that go bump in the afternoon.