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And some choices are all BAD! Spoilers.

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  • And some choices are all BAD! Spoilers.

    The choices to hang out with Avery are all BAD!

    If you choose explore the caves, the flashlight runs out of light and Avery gets mad at you for not bringing any extra batteries.

    If you choose go to the beach, Avery gets stung by a jellyfish and gets mad at you for bringing him to the beach.IIRC

    If you choose to go on a boat trip, Avery gets mad at you for not bringing sunscreen. All choices end up BADLY! I didn't like this one.

    The Callie talk show fiasco, all choices end bad, even the innocent looking ones like "I deserve this!(It turns out to mean I deserve the fame, not I deserve to be called out by Callie) and " Fame is harder than it looks ". " Why can't you be happy for me? " just looks like a bad choice from the get go." They all end with you yelling at Callie that all she had to do was pick "like," and Demi gasps in shock and Cindy and Mark look uncomfortable. Alex/Taylor berates you for throwing Callie under the bus and yelling at her.

    The choices for confronting BFF are all BAD, even the one that SEEMS innocent, "You're right." You end up telling her that she is a Bitch and a horrible friend. This one shocked me. I was trying to be NICE when I chose this one.


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    Things that go bump in the afternoon.


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      i know right!! i tried to be all nice and everything but noooo gosh darn it, i'm just a very rude character!! and the avery thing i hated the most! phew, it was horrible.