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And some choices are all GOOD! Spoilers!

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  • And some choices are all GOOD! Spoilers!

    When Alex gets resentful that the Paparazzi at Dante's party calls him MC's sexy side piece because he is a star in his own right (He was an opening act for Demi Lovato and later had his own tour), the choices LOOK bad, but actually are all good.

    "Wait, why is that so bad?"
    "Why can't you be happy for me?"
    "Get used to dating a star!" (IIRC)

    I thought, "There is no way either of these choices are a good choice, and the " Why can't you be happy for me? " Was the same choice verbatim as the Callie talk show fiasco and that choice ended up in disaster, so I had bad dejavu on that one. Turns out they are all good. Alex says something like,"Okay, you're right, I overacted," to them all. Finally a scenario where all choices are good!