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MC is a bit of a wet blanket!

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  • MC is a bit of a wet blanket!

    OK, so we all agree on who we hate: Ryland, Sonja, Kate, Trey, Maria, sometimes Callie, sometimes BFF, and Savannah's a bit sadistic. Personally, I quite like Savannah and BFF, even if the latter keeps making irritating food jokes, but the rest are obvious.

    But there's one more person I don't like in Path to Fame, and that's MC. She keeps talking about wanting to take charge, and yet lets people walk all over her.

    "I wanna be in charge of my own tour!" she says, before allowing Kate to pull her opening act off of the tour.
    "I want to have my own crew!" she says, before getting rid of them because Sonja wants a new one (or PAYING just to keep her own crew on her own tour)
    "I want to be interviewed by myself!" she says, before letting Trey steal the show (or PAYING just to have him steal the show anyway)
    "I want my own label!" she says, before her label completely flops because she has no idea how to business.
    "I'm on my Path to Fame, not my Path to a Happy Family," she says, before proposing to an unfaithful, hypocritical jerk who keeps accusing her of cheating.
    "I want to be independent!" she says, before coming to Demi for EVERY. LITTLE. THING.

    I mean, Path to Fame is still a fun experience, but I kinda wanted a strong, independent MC, not a doormat.

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    To be fair, MC in Demi episodes is a lot more mature than the MC in Mean Girls: Senior Year. It took until Sorority Rush for MC in Mean Girls to grow up a lot.


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      MC in Senior Year is still legally a school aged child at 17.. MC in Demi Fame is 5 years older, an adult, and has gone to College. She should come across as more mature than MC in Senior Year.

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    There seemed to be a war between what we wanted in real life and what actually ended up happening to MC in Episode. For example, MCV said something like, "Trey is sabotaging my charity concert which I am the headliner of! I'm going to go on stage right now!" I was thinking, "Yes! Finally MC is acting like an adult in charge of her tour and her career! But no, she let Sonja or BFF talk her into going home saying something like, "If you go on stage right now, exposing Trey's lie will be the big talk, not the charity. You don't want that!" And MC actually listens and goes home! Drats!