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Good points mentioned in the Demi Episode Universe? Spoilers. :)

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  • Good points mentioned in the Demi Episode Universe? Spoilers. :)

    Lara mentions in Season 3 that one of the outfits in Season 2 are outdated by Season 3. She says something like,"This outfit was hot when I designed it last year but this year it is no longer considered fashionable. People have moved on from this outfit." That actually made a lot of sense. I remember a fan saying something like,"I can't believe people in Demi Episode Universe are calling one of my expensive, fancy,gem outfits from Season 2 trash in Season 3. LOL!"

    Kate and Sonja mention that Trey's Love Garden sounded awful but also mentioned how much fans warmed up to him and mention if they warmed up to him with such an awful song, imagine how much more they'd like him with a good song that Kate and Sonja wrote for him. That actually made a lot of sense!

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    For all we know Sonja could have paid those fans to cheer for Trey in his audition and then tell MC, "See? The fans love Trey!" I wouldn't put it past her to do something as underhanded and sneaky as that.