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Which real life celebrity singer is MC's real life counterpart? :)

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  • Which real life celebrity singer is MC's real life counterpart? :)

    I don't think anyone has made this thread before. Which real life Celebrity singer is like MC in Demi Episode?

    She isn't known for dating a lot of people and then when the relationship is over, making hit songs off of the failed relationship, so she isn't like Taylor Swift.

    She isn't a Satan Queen, so she isn't like Beyonce.

    She isn't an arrogant, self boasting boss, so she isn't like Rihanna.

    She isn't an oddball, unique freak, so she isn't like Lady Gaga.

    She hasn't been drugged up and snapped mentally and ended up in a psych ward and then under conservatorship, so she isn't like Britney Spears.

    Her songs are squeaky clean, she herself is squeaky clean, and her act is "Good girl" so she may be like Selena Gomez.
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    Wow these are some harsh take-downs of our culture's cherished divas! Where's the love? Where's the respect??


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      ^^^ this looks like its supposed to be a joke but in general you're just shaming celebrities so, what's the point of making this?


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        Karice, this seems mean spirited. I mean, Satan Queen for Beyoncé?? Really? Karice, you are usually a lot nicer and sweeter than this. I am assuming that you meant for this to be light hearted, but it comes across as snarky. This is actually a good thread idea, but the actual post is crappy except for what you said for Selena which was actually nice.

        I guess MC is like Meghan Trainor or Adele. Fun, poppy songs and have very little scandals. MC's biggest scandals are screaming at MC and her BFF and flirting/kissing Ryland while she was still dating Alex/Taylor, and hiding from her fans. Not big scandals.