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5 things you want and don't want for season 3?

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    I want Sexy Kitty and Ryland to be the opening acts for our tour!
    I feel like that'd be a fun plot twist.


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      - I want to meet Sexy Kitty
      -Get our own tour
      - Option to divorce or break up with Alex.
      - Throw Ryland and Maria off a cliff
      - Stay single and mingle
      -Make the outfits freeeeee
      - Get a new love interest.

      Don't want:

      - To marry Alex
      - Ryland to somehow come back
      - Outfits to be 1000000000 gems each.
      - Cheesy romance scenes.


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        -More male friendships - Not just people on the tour.

        -More outfit choices for supporting characters. On a daily basis!

        -Choices that make an impact on the storyline.

        -More friends. Am I the only that thinks our character may be a bit of a loner with barely any friends?
        -People to have their own problems that don't just show up at MC door when she needs them. Also want main character to grow up.
        To be friendzoned by someone. Why is it that everyone MC liked just happened to like girls (whatever sex they were) and the main character just happened to like whatever sex they were. I sense a cliche coming on. I wan't the MC to be FZ'd and like, every other character

        Don't want:
        -Fans to be stupid and inconsiderate of MC. Fans are individual people with their own opinions and judge of character. They also wouldn't get annoyed with a famous person because to them it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet someone famous.

        -Fans to follow MC everywhere like Prissy. Prissy is Irish, like myself, but that does not mean that she has to follow MC all around Europe because she's "European". Why do these regular fans follow MC all over the world? They have their own lives, their own hopes and dreams, they do not make it their life mission to be a 100% devoted fan to whatever celebrity they like. These fans are average people, and we saw how hard it was for MC to score a ticket to Demi's concert, so why should other characters have access to tickets straight away?

        -Typical nemesis. Why is Maria's only goal to become more famous than MC? That is so immature.

        -To be forced to marry Alex/Taylor. I honestly think it would be better if they were just friends with MC. Their characters may be more likeable then. I would like to have more than 1 and a half relationships before I marry some guy I honestly don't really know that well since we've known him for less than 2 years.

        -To have to buy outfits that don't even make an impact.
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          ​* To meet Sexy- I mean Heather Connery (and to beat her butt if she has a thing for Alex)
          * To kick Maria's butt
          * To beat up Ryland
          * To go on my wedding honeymoon

          Don't Want:
          * To always be Demi's freakin' student
          * To keep going to Demi for advice (love her but I'm getting tired of her always having the answers)
          * To see Ryland or Sam's sorry butts
          * To deal with Maria/ Ryland/ best friend/ partner's drama
          * To get pregnant, at least not yet.


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            1-To be able to break up the marriage.
            2-To scratch maria's eyes out
            4-To be able to break up and divorce with Alex/Taylor.
            5-To scratch Callie's eyes out.

            Don't want;

            2-Mushy love stuff
            4-a honeymoon


            • #36
              1. Divorce.
              3. Romance that builds up. Not just automatic.
              4. To be able to say what I want without having to apologize.
              5. More gems.

              Don't want:
              1. An enemy. I know that's kind of a lot but I'm tired of there being an "antagonist." Sam, Callie, Maria, Ryland, Avery. Sometimes YOU can be your worst enemy and no one's out to get you.
              2. Demi being a freaking mom and making that dumb "HMMMM ARE YOU SURE" face whenever I do something wrong
              3. Romance, actually. I don't care for it.
              4. Less expensive gem outfits. Like what's the point.

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                I want to know who sexy Kitten is!


                • #38

                  - More control over which path we follow: For example having the possibility of ending an unwanted marriage, being single again and perhaps dating other guys than Alex/Taylor. And therefore different endings of the story according to our choices. E.g. being married, getting pregnant, having kids and taking a backseat as a happy wife OR being a career girl who's able to be single and take the career to the next level without permanently being forced to deal with relationship drama if we do not wish to have one of the offered boyfriends, not to mention a husband and kids!

                  - Choosing the best friend's outfit from different clothing options.

                  - Choosing from a larger variety of hair colors, haircuts, lipstick colors etc.

                  - Less cheesy and clingy guys than Alex/Taylor who we can date if we like. I don't mean bad boys who don't respect women, but someone more mysterious, quick-witted, independent and hard to get. Such a guy is just more attractive than an unwanted clinger who keeps demanding to put this unwanted relationship before the career and keeps blaming us for things that are defined by the storyline regardless of our choices.

                  - Getting more gems than in season 2 (why did we get much less gems than in season 1?)

                  Don't want:

                  - Being forced to stay in a relationship/marriage and get pregnant. The unwanted marriage was a bummer, but an unwanted pregnancy opens the doors to switch from still liking to hating this story!

                  - Another competition with Maria. We had this in the past 2 seasons and this was (more than) enough. Please give us a break and come up with a new challenge where our choices actually matter!

                  - Being overshadowed by Demi till the very end. It's time for the MC to get her very own tour with her own backup singers.

                  - Demi appearing to give advice and teach the MC again and again. This was pretty cool in season 1 when she was still the "unreachable star" who was willing to spend her time helping the MC out. But by this time, the MC has strenghtened her own individual personality and learned how to deal with her problems, so she doesn't need Demi as her motherly life coach this often anymore.

                  - Season 3 to be the end of the Demi Lovato episodes
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                  • #39
                    -My choices to take affect more and for other people to not do the stupidest things because that messes up my image because of.... plot. (e.g when faced with either purposely copying Maria's show or sticking to original performance, Kate still changes up my act and I get blamed for copying Maria. It's like, Kate. You are my agent. You're always beating on me to do something that will help my career but then you pull off the dumbest stunt ever which any average person would NOT do because its plain logic, and the worst part is, after she messes up, I get beaten up by the annoying fans and press, and once I'm confronted with all the bad press, I don't get a single choice to say something like, "My dumb as heck agent changed up my act completely to copy Maria at last minute. And don't say that I'm lying because it was obvious on that stage that I was confused as heck.")

                    -More variety of clothing choices and less, "This is an awesome outfit!!! It only costs 1,684,092,800 gems!"

                    -More chances to sabotage Maria. She's like, always messing with me, so why don't I get many choices to ruin her career or even shoot her during performance? Wait! I have a better idea so that I don't get charged for her murder! I'll just order a hit man to kill her! ...If only we could....

                    -To have the parents adopt a new sister because Callie dies somehow.

                    -More lyric writing opportunities.

                    -Not being able to predict what will happen.

                    -To find out what happened with Alex/Taylor with that kitten.

                    -Avery to get out of Alex/Taylor and my MC's lives.

                    -To know what I did to Maria in the first place and why she's always out for me because when I first met her, I was like "She seems nice, maybe she'll be my tour BFF while I'm away from my MC's best friend.

                    DON'T WANT:

                    -Demi to constantly be like my music industry mother.

                    -No more love interests that are such jerks (e.g Ryland)

                    -Maria to stalk me and try to ruin my life when she should be watching her own back rather than kill my vibe.

                    -To see another Ryland in my life on this planet.

                    -To always have someone get mad at me after making a hard decision, like I get that you're not famous, but it's simple logic, "As a famous figure, things are very difficult" so why can't any non-famous NPC's respect that?


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                      Um Let's see there's a list

                      1. To see how they will finish the season
                      2. To know my choices actually matter/make a difference
                      3. A real tour and not one with Glamlips either
                      4. More hair color choices
                      5. To end the stupid feud with Maria
                      6. Another celebrity in the mix ( that won't really happen but that would be cool)
                      7. More people in MC's corner besides Demi, BFF, and Alex/Taylor

                      Don't want (there's even a longer list)

                      1. Maria's crap
                      2. Sister drama
                      3. BFF drama
                      4. Fake/forced relationship and eventual marriage
                      5. Another epic fail for MC (seems as though nothing goes right for her)
                      6. Sonja's crap
                      7. Pop star feuds and BS
                      8. Any more evil characters like Maria, Sonja, Trey, etc...
                      9. Any more sexy kitten, seems as though she's trouble but I may be wrong.

                      I'm sure there is more but that's all I can think of right now...


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                        1. For the mc and her husband to just be friends or be dating.
                        2. For Demi to stop popping out of nowhere giving random advice that you have to pay 1000000000 gems to use.
                        3. For people on your tour to stop forcing you to do the wrong thing.
                        4. For the best friend to stop randomly coming and starting drama
                        5. For the annoying family to get out of the way
                        6. To kill Maria
                        7. To kill the sister
                        8. To fire/ kill Sonja
                        9. Multiple choice ending
                        10. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!
                        11. A killer to pop up and shoot during the show, and to possible kill Alex or Taylor so we don't have to go through divorce. The story needs more teary moments anyway.

                        DON'T WANT
                        1. Divorce, that's just more drama
                        2. Another Ryland
                        3. One of the celebrity classics where the boyfriend gets jealous if you just talk to another guy.
                        4. For EVERYTHING to be about work
                        5. For the story to take 1,000,000 years to update
                        6. Being forced to either speak up and have everyone mad at me for the rest of my life, or to let everyone be bossy and force me to hire someone who will do nothing but ruin the tour.
                        7. For everything to be 1 million gems and have to wear something extremely ugly.
                        8. Useless choices which all have the same outcome.


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                          Stop getting blamed for things when it’s clearly not your fault


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                            One thing I didn't want:
                            a season 3