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    The above cat is an accurate representation of me when I look through the Episode Fan Community section of the forums as of late (confused and lost). With this being said, we are going to be moving the "read my story", "review for review" and any other thread that is meant to be in the share your story section, to the share story section.

    Please, if everyone can start creating their shared story thread's in the correct section we would appreciate it. Please note, if you have created a thread about one specific story in multiple sections (Both the Shared and EFC sections) the thread that is in the wrong section will be deleted without warning.

    We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause and please bear with us while we move post's over to the correct section. For any additional questions about this please feel free to PM me. Thanks!

    - JB
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    First of all... oh my god that cat.

    Second, THANK YOU. I've been hoping this would happen.


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      Great! Glad to see this thread!


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        I'm happy for this! Thank you


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          [Post Deleted - Please do not spam your stories in non designated sharing areas. This is why we have the Share Your Stories section. Thanks!] - JB
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