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How to: Use Episode Forums (Tutorial)

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  • How to: Use Episode Forums (Tutorial)

    Part One

    Forum Account Activation

    When you first register for the forums you will receive an activation email before you can successfully sign in and begin using the forums. Most common Email applications will automatically move this email to your Spam, Junk Mail or Trash folders automatically. So please make sure to check them all.

    The above is what the activation email should look like. Please follow the provided instructions. Once you have clicked on the URL you should be successfully logged into the forums and now viewing the main page.

    Part Two

    Where do I post?

    We have many different sections on the forums where everyone can post. It can be a bit overwhelming at first and we understand that. Please review the screenshot below explaining the different sections of the forums and where to post and create your threads. We understand that everyone is very eager to share their stories. Please only post your stories in the “Share your stories” section of the forums. This helps reduce clutter and helps keep everyone happy.

    Part Three

    How do I Create a Thread/Topic or Post? How do I quote?
    Creating a Thread/Topic

    All users should be able to create new threads in every section of the forum (except Announcements which come from Episode Staff.) Once inside of a sub-forum (IE: Episode Fan Community, Share Your Stories, etc) every user should see the "New Topic" button shown in the picture below. This is the button you press in order to create a topic/thread in the sub forum that you are currently in.


    In order to reply to a thread you must scroll down to the bottom of the page (While reading user replies) and insert your text into the text box, then click "Post Reply". This will post your reply as the next response in the thread you are reading.

    How to quote a post:

    How to Reply to a Post or Thread:

    I want to make a special shout out to our community for requesting this tutorial in the Feature Request sub-forum. We try our hardest to accommodate and hope that this helps. This is only PART ONE of the tutorial so feel free to post anything you would like us to cover below and we will try our best to update this as we can. Thanks again!

    - JB & The Episode Team

    Part Four
    Should I use the search tool? How do I use it? What does it all MEAN?!

    It is very important to search for any questions you might have before posting about it in the community. We are a growing community and a lot of questions have already been asked and answered, please keep this in mind.


    The search bar is located on the top right hand corner of every page for convenient access to all your searching needs.

    Click on the drop down arrow then on “Advanced Search” to access the page


    Part Five

    How on earth do I submit a support ticket? Why should I?

    Have you been experiencing issues with the Episode app? Has your question not been answered on the forums? Just want to leave the Episode team some positive feedback? Tired of your username and want an upgrade?

    If you answered, "yes" to any of these then this is for you!

    Episode has a support team ready to help and assist you with a magnitude of questions and concerns that can be reached here

    Make sure to include the e-mail address associated with your Episode account for all Episode technical issues. For forum issues please include the e-mail address associated with your forum account, this will help the agents with locating your forum account.

    Please make sure to include all requested information in the fields given. The more details and info that you provide, the easier it is for the team to try to solve your issue. All pertinent information and details should be included in the "Description" field. Support ID's are always required. If you are having trouble finding your support ID please visit which will walk you through finding it.

    Make sure to include a screenshot of your receipt if you are having a billing issue. After every field is completed, click the Submit button. A member of the Support Team will reach out to you in regards to your inquiry or issue.


    Part Six
    How do I block another user on the forums?
    Have a gripe with someone else's opinions? Annoyed with how much someone post's? Add them to your ignore list!

    Click your username on the top right hand corner of the forums. A drop-down menu should populate. From here click on "User Settings"

    From here all you need to do is click on the "Account" tab

    Scroll down to the bottom until you see the "Ignore List". This is where you insert the username of the user/user's that you do not want to see post's of. It's that simple. Please remember, any threats must be reported to an admin or mod.
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    Wow!! This is Amazing!!! Thanks a lot Jeremy and the episode team!!!
    Last edited by Padmini.M; 09-26-2016, 07:41 AM.


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      This would've been really helpful when I first came to the forums. I'm sure new members now would really appreciate this. Thanks Jeremy (and the Episode team), you're the best!


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        Mehek they used your idea!! This is really helpful for new users!


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          OMG!!! It's great that you went through with this idea, TYSM!!!


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            This is such a good idea! PLEASE do add the same for SEARCH! So many people don't know how to use "search" and post the same threads over and over again.


            • Jeremy
              Jeremy commented
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              Caylie Moore : It look's like someone didn't use the search feature JK with you Maria_PWD. All in good fun!

              - JB

            • Maria_PWD
              Maria_PWD commented
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              Caylie Moore. Lol yeah. But why would I SEARCH to learn how to use search? =))) It should be sticky and/or in one thread. I guess that one looks fine. Just my 2 cents.

            • Katjuska
              Katjuska commented
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              I support this. Because when I started using these forums I was seriously lost how to use search or even where to find it! I'm not even kidding.. But then one day I was like, oh there is that damn search bar! And a whole new world opened

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            This is great for new members and everyone! And as mentioned above, they considered Mehek's thread. Yay!


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              Yes everybody give it up for Jeremy !!!


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                WOW this is amazing and it will really help new users


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                  I was wondering, most users have "Blank Page" under their names. I was wondering if we could customize this like other users?


                  • Arielle
                    Arielle commented
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                    Exactly what I wanted to ask! Jeremy

                  • Jeremy
                    Jeremy commented
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                    Fixed this issue last week If you are still seeing blank page please clear your browsers cache and try again. Thanks!

                    - JB

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                  Thanks !! This is amazing !!


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                    Is that...Is that a screen shot of my All Hallows forum post?


                    • Episode Ace
                      Episode Ace commented
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                      Yup! That's it, alright.

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                    Jeremy This awesome!!


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                      Yes, this is amazing! Love this team so much


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                        I've always been familiar with how most forums usually work, so I've never been lost on here, but I have seen people posting in the wrong subforums and replying to others posts instead of making their own posts, so I think this is a wonderful idea. We just need to make sure that this is the first thing they see when they come here.