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What do YOU want to see more (and less) of in episode stories?

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    1. "Hi my name is [blank] and I have two best friends, a nerd girl and funny girl who says YOLO and the @dance_whip_loop animation all the time! Then theres Chris. Chris is sooooo hot. I love him so much, that I'm going to talk about him for two more paragraphs, blahblahblahblah. He has blue eyes, blonde hair, and I'm not going to let you change his appearance because if a boy looks like anything else he's not hot.
    Oh, and anyone who's race doesn't have beach wave hair and a nose shape other than the button nose don't exist either.

    This sounds weirdly specific but it's the set up for almost all the damn stories here. I mean, Chris can also be a total jerk who you can't choose to not fall head over heels for

    2. Romance stories being in the top of every genre
    Honestly, this... pisses me off a lot. I'll go to the fantasy section and the top stories are 1. Hot Alpha Wolf Boy Dating Simulator 2. Hot Wizard Boy Dating Simulator 3. Hot Dragon Boy Dating Simulator
    I'm not interested in dating, boys, girl or anyone else. It's really disheartening when it seems like any story that doesn't focus on love won't get past 1,000 reads.

    3. Stories that don't have a variety of emotion
    Some stories are like "Yay I'm going to mall! Yay I love my friends! Yay everything I'm so happy~~~" and some stories are like "Sigh... Life is pointless... I can't date my love interest.... A lifeless soul is me......." I seriously can't find good, date-less love-less, stories with a variety of themes, emotions, forshadowing, or any basic story telling in the top tens of Episode stories. It's making me want to go join archive of our own, or, or some other story telling website (wattpad has these same problems and a lot of the people there are kind of... mean tbh) because Episode just seems to have a lot of problems that stop people wanting to read a genuine story that is GOOD in all it's content.
    More complex, story rich episodes are ESPECIALLY at a loss here, because you literally have 120 characters to type a bio for your entire story, which may be enough to write "Youre a gurl hes a boy can i make it anymoar obvious" but it's not enough for stories that are MORE than that


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      This is merely my opinion on the matter and I don't mean to be rude or mean to anyone. I'm solely contributing my thoughts and desires in order to perhaps start a revolution. (Hah- you wish) No, but really. If anyone feels offended or attacked, I'm truly sorry. I'm not here to spread hate, just to showcase some of my own thoughts.

      1. Well, the thing is - I LOVE romance - I really do, however in recent times I've come to the conclusion that it sometimes is a little bit.. uhm, to much. It's not that it shouldn't be there, no, I'm just a firm believer that a good romance could still tug at my heartstring while staying in the background See my point? Well, let me explain. I do not mind it being in a story no matter the genre, but what I do mind is when it takes over the story. There's more to a great story than just romance, romance could be a fraction of it and if done well - it could still be regarded as a great romance. Because in the end it's the characters and the plot that makes us love a great story. Not just the tagline of "romance". Romance, sure, is a big factor for me in liking a story, but it doesn't always have to be at the centre of attention. Every genre dosen't have to be about falling in love, the falling in love part could be a fraction of what the story is about. Just saying.

      2. And while at it with the romance, I utter despise love triangles. Non tolerance for it. I hate being forced to "fall in love" with multiple characters that quite often doesn't get enough time to develop. I would rather have a single love interest that the author has given enough time and love to create in order for them feel alive. I would rather be certain that I like this dude, than randomly pick one because they're just different meanings to an end and fills no real functions besides creating a "dilemma" for me as a reader. Which I hate, because I see it everywhere nowadays. (Team Jacob, Team Edward etc..)

      3. Bad boys. It's not that I hate them, I've more faced the fact that I'm done with them. Like, when you've had one song on repeat for ages because you loved it - but now you'd rather skip it than listen to it because you've heard it one too many times. Kinda the same feeling. I would love to have guys that are complex, and not all "I'm totally bad, but you bring out the best of me". Guys that's more than what meets the eye. I would love that.

      4. And with that I would like to bring fourth what I would like more of in a story. That's right, a unique, plot driven story with well written characters. Like many of you, I've had it with the "Pregnant by the_", "Living with the_", etc. I get that it's all about getting what you ask for, the bad boy phenomena for example were the end result of a highly accepted and popular set of episodes that were unique in a matter of sense when they first emerged. The same goes for the others. It's all about one of those stories that tries something new and voilá: A new trend is born. But nowadays the popular section is crowded with works of the same recipe, and it seems to be staying. I'm not saying that they're horrible or anything of the matter, I'm just saying as an observer that I want more diversity among the storylines and characters. More uniqueness.
      A story like Dripping Mascara focus on what makes a story feel alive. The characters are not stereotypical, they have layers that makes them unique to the story. It's not all about one being the "blond mean girl" or the "hot bad boy". It's all about people connecting and influencing each other and evolving as human beeings in a world of fiction. And the same goes for the plot. With that I would want more stories to focus on what makes a story great and to not just follow a trend. Spice it up a little.
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        I feel like because Episode has been advertised mainly as a romance app, it attracts people who want to read about that specifically. Which is why I don't have that much of a problem with most of Episode stories being about dating and romance.

        That said, though, a lot of the romances featured in the stories I've read are... really stale. There's nothing interesting or gripping about them. I don't root for the characters to fall in love; I couldn't care less if they did. And I think that goes back to the fact that there are stories on here that are solely about being in a relationship with a hot guy (note the heteronormativity there), because I feel a lot of people who read Episode stories want to be in a relationship with a hot guy. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with that, since Episode is marketed to girls around 13-18, but when any complexity to be had in a story is thrown out the window for an uncomplicated, fairy tale, generic romance... then I have a problem with it. Especially because girls are expected to be interested in romance and dating, and nothing else, but that's a whole other rant.
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          I agree. I don't have much against romance stories, as long as they make sense and don't make it so they fall in love in 5 seconds with a gang psycho, but he's hawt so it's ok.
          I'd rather have it so the MC is out of school in general, because you can't focus on your 10 boyfriends if you're a straight A student, but happen to live a carefree life where the mom/dad is 100% ok with it, and lets her daughter go to drinking parties and make out with strangers.There's school scenes, but MC just watches the boyz stare at her the entire time while the teachers talking about something random. In sequels, she gets scholarships to Yale or Harvard even thought she spent most of her time partying, making out, or flirting with her boyfrands.

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          You're right, Episode is advertised as a romance app, and I wish it weren't like that. I wish it were advertised as a storytelling platform offering a variety of genres.

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        There's plenty of excellent points here.

        However, there are a lot of stories which break out of this mould of a 'typical episode story', but they are all hidden under endless pregnancy and bad boy stories. Even when the new shelves came out, people would just change the genre to be further ahead in the section. I think it starts with Episode. Once they've published a story which showcases diverse plots, then and only then will the app progress onto better storytelling, with a deeper meaning.

        I want to see less bad boys and more good guys. I want to see less love triangle and more adventure. I want to see unique plots where I can't guess the direction of the storyline. I want there to be sad endings; I want to cry because I'm so emotionally invested. I wish there to be multiple endings and insane choices where they actually make a difference.

        Personally, I'm not a fan of customisation. I really don't like it. In fact, I'd go as far as to say I hate it. I see a customization choice; I click no. I prefer premade characters 100% Because it's weird reading a story when you're the MC - You end up doing things you'd never say or do, and it just takes away from the story entirely. I'd rather see a premade characters in a story.

        I want to see more comedy personally, but something that's actually funny. Kinda Deadpool style with the 4th wall breaking and hilarious digs.


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          Is like to see: more diversity and equality driven stories.
          I' like to not see any more: preganacy, gangs, bad boys and just cliche stuff.