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What is the very BEST story on episode?

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    Please check it out!

    Title: "The Power of Light"
    Genre: Fantasy/Mystery
    Chapters: 3 so far, more to come!
    Style: INK
    Author: episodeLR

    Being orphans was hard for these girls. What happens when they discover their past? Will they accept their destiny?

    If you have time, check out my other story:
    Title: "Love Roulette"
    Author: episodeLR
    Genre: Romance/Mystery/Spy
    Chapters: 12 (and more to come)
    Style: INK

    When you and your family move to England, your life turns for a twist and you discover unexpected secrets. (1w-3 intro.)

    Hope you like it!

    Lots of Love,

    episodeLR xxx
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    Billionaire Baby Daddy, Complicated & Welcome to Wonderful Winsston are my favourites.

    you could also check out my story. It's called Finally Free and it's by Abbey


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      Dripping Mascara, no doubt about it! It's the best story I've ever read, period.

      Also, World on a String! I haven't finished it on Episode and I'm just waiting for the Wattpad version, but it's amazing!


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        Betrothed is one of my all-time favorites, too.


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          DRIPPING. MASCARA. It honestly is DEFINITELY NOT CLICHE. AT. ALL. It is absolutely one of the best stories I have EVER READ, and please, give it a chance! It is the best story ever, and the reason why I keep repeating myself is because it's THE BEST STORY EVER. It defied all my expectations, and honestly, there's a lot of fantasy, romance, comedy ("big green thighs"), action, drama, mystery... and so much more! Dripping Mascara is the best story ever!


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            I swear I did. I played like 15 episodes, I even replayed and skipped ahead to see if it gets better but I just can't keep playing it anymore... Sorry. I really did give it a chance. But I can see many people like it so the author is obviously talented. No doubt. I just hate romantic stories.

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            Little Potato Ohhhh... Well, at least you tried it! I guess it isn't for everyone.

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            B i g g r e e n t h i g h s

            dm is the best.

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          Little Potato I love your nickname lol

          Honestly, I feel you. I'm super new to the whole Episode thing, but my excitement faded out pretty fast.
          I see stories with millions of reads that are quite interesting, but most of that featured stuff is so cliche that I can't even... ugh...

          Recently I found something that I really liked!
          I wish the author would continue writing it. Maybe I'm wrong but it felt like the last two episodes were written in a rush to just finish the story.

          Anyways, the best story I've read so far is Porcelain by Rahatul.
          It's unique. It's addicting. It's beautiful.
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            Same girl but I've found that plenty of the stories on the forum are good. My personal favorites are:
            Pregnant by a nerd
            I'm famous and pregnant
            The kingpin and I
            Queenpin (The Best in my opinion 😋)


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              "Juvie" was really good but "Blake" is really underrated in my opinion.


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                Hi again! I've added a couple of new stories to my favorites list since I last posted. I hope you like them.

                Adventures Away: Dream Escape by Kay Elle (Psychological Drama) - I can't describe in words how much I love this one.

                Drakulya's Kiss by Kay Elle (Drama, Romance) - I know you said you don't like romance and neither do I normally. But everything by Kay Elle is gold, and this story explores more than romance. It addresses the danger of prejudice and stereotypes.

                Love, Dahlia also by Kay Elle (Comedy, Romance)

                Eclipsis by Victoria Masina (Adventure, Mystery) - A historical setting with a very unique plot and amazing, well-developed characters. Highly recommend.

                Hell's Verdict by R.A. Ross (Comedy) - Super clever and actually has choices that affect the outcome

                The Last Witch by B. Zezuska (Fantasy, Mystery) - Tons of choices that determine the personality of the MC

                Charlie Challenger by Robin Bennet (Mystery, Thriller)

                The Vanishing Act by Ash. B (Fantasy)

                The Crow by Nadia Hambali (Mystery, Thriller) - I'm always drawn to stories with amazing characters, and this one definitely has them

                Shooting Cupid's Arrow by Jessica Swift (Drama) - When I first read the title, I assumed it would be another dumb cliche romance, but I read it anyway because I loved the author's other story so much (A Loveless Marriage). I was not disappointed.

                The Blinded War by V. L (Historical Drama, Romance) - A romance that's actually worth your while. Takes place during World War II.

                The Devil Within by Moon W. (Mystery, Dystopian) - Currently has less than 100 reads and deserves so much more.

                The Freckles on Mars by MeMyselfAndI (Psychological Drama) - This is easily my favorite on this list. It's not the most dramatic or wild, but the relationship between the two main characters is so beautiful. Another severely under appreciated story.

                Also, I was just wondering: did you like any of the stories I recommended on my other list?


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                  the blinded war
                  dripping mascara
                  Red Snow


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                    My top 4 would have to be
                    Chain reaction series
                    Deep attraction series
                    Forced vampire
                    The wolf within
                    All extremely good episodes!


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                      Deep attraction 1 and 2
                      Bad for my heart
                      These are my favorites!


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                        Arggg! So hard to choose! I have a list...
                        Drama: Blake, Grace, & Falling for a Student are my all time favorites in that section. Especially the first two.
                        Romance: The Chain Reaction series is great too. Miss MJ... Always leaving us with cliffhangers! I also loves Opposites Attract, but the author got hacked unfortunatly.
                        Comedy: Anything by Kayla Sloans
                        Mystery: I enjoyed For My Parents. It had an amazing mix of comedy in it too, and the ending seems like it would be predictible, but at the same time it's not... Make sense?
                        Horror: The Valor Woods series was great, Recipe for Fear is also amazing, that spot directing she has though... That must have taken weeks!
                        Fantasy: School of the Gifted & Mystical. The author used to update very frequently (like four chapters a week...) and she just recently got back on. This one, and the part two are great.

                        If I had to pick a favorite, I'd say it's Blake.


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                          My absolute favorites are:
                          My Episode Lover
                          Billionaire Baby Daddy
                          Apartment 143


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                            The Secret of Rain by Joseph Evans. Now that was one story that I couldn't stop reading. It literally left me in shock at the end of each episode. There are a lot of amazing plot twists, secrets, and the relationship between the two main characters is simply beautiful.