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  • Any Good Stories?

    Hi! I'm looking for any stories that aren't cliche. I want stories that are unique & interesting. It doesn't have to be your story, it can be someone else's. I hope you guys have some awesome recommendations! Thanks!

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    Have you read "Death's game" by earlgreytea ? I thought it was pretty cool


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      Depends on what you mean by "cliche" as there are cliches in pretty much every type of story (example: sci fi cliche, time travel plot, romance cliche: bump and fall with the bad boy, etc etc). I'm going to assume you're meaning that general romance / pregnancy trend that is so popular on this app, please correct me if I'm wrong, haha.

      A few suggestions:

      Adventures Away: Argiyon by LB (sci fi fun! The end is pretty mind-blowing, too. Excellent directing, excellent representation of diverse characters even WITH character customization, amazing visuals, and the plot is just incredible. Was also a contest winner)

      Baby Blue by MeMyselfandI (a horror defined by a complex web of dysfunctional characters, sociopathic personality, and simply incredible character development and depth. I never thought I'd find myself empathizing with a sociopath... but the author does an incredible job with these characters.)

      Captivating Melancholy by epnessa (A romance with pretty much zero "cliche" in it anyway. Amazing representation of cultural and racial diversity in addition to fantastic character development, mystery, and of course romance. Nessa also does an amazing job directing with very creative visuals; this almost feels like watching a movie at times!)

      ​​​​​​​Fragile Bonds by HumanBean (a drama wrapped in a complex web of dysfunctional characters and relationships, also amazing character development, another great example of a sociopathic personality being written appropriately for an antagonist. LOTS of cultural and racial diversity, diversity in sexuality, in love interests, and so on. Will have multiple endings depending on choices, has hidden scenes based on choices as well. A lot of mystery in this one too, BUT mystery that can be pieced together if you're able to pick correctly. Such an amazing read I'm on my third run here... )

      Literally anything by Kay Elle . Her writing is artistic, her characters are so relatable even when I literally have nothing in common with them, she writes a wide range of genres and stories overall. Search her in the app and you'll find them!

      I've not read this one yet but am REALLY looking forward to it based on what I've heard - Zezzy Montero Takes on the WORLD by Toriah - a comedy that frankly looks utterly hilarious from the screenshots I've seen.

      And that's honestly just a start. I could probably give you a list of 50+ stories that I'd want to recommend! I tried to give a variety of genres here; however, feel free to tell me what type of story you like best and I bet I can recommend one or two that might fit that, too!


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        By "cliche" I mean, bad boy falls for the good girl,and the "nerd" gets a makeover types of stories. So basically what you said, xD

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        Aw, thank you Alex! I can't believe you're reading for the third time...

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        I love, love your list!

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      Hey, Check out my story! I don't know if it is what you're looking for but you can give it a try

      Tite: Running Away
      Author: AB
      Genre: Drama
      Episodes: 10 (ongoing)
      Description: One night you escaped from your husband to the small town, hoping to start a new life. What's waiting for you to come?

      Hope, you enjoy it!


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        War of Love & Love of War
        Book 1 complete

        The Kingdom of Tulley is at the brink of another war. Your choices will decide the fate of Tulley. Who will survive and who will rule?


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          I have. Even told my story is really unique and different. I was commended that it wasn't cliche bad boy etc... I Would love if you would read my story and let me know what you think! 🙈❤️

          Mysterious: Lies of Destruction

          5 Episodes, Completed
          Your husband goes missing, and you will stop at nothing to find him. The more you dig the more danger you find.
          *Three different endings!*


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            Have a look on our webpage as we're constantly looking for well told and unique stories
            there might be one or the other story for you (there will come more, as we're currently reading and evaluating/voting and also getting in contact with other authors)

            Of course the Knitters themselves are writing unique well told stories, with their awesome directing and writing skills
            You can find our stories in our About Us section we cover everything from Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery and so on



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              Here's my story, I *hope* it will conform to your definition of "unique":

              Title: Asphodelus
              Genre: Mystery/Horror
              Bio: They say what's past should be left in the past, but what happens when its cataclysmic secrets claw their way out?
              Style: Ink

              There's also The Boy Next Door by Isra , it's an LGBT romance which is very realistic. I really enjoy the MC, Drew, who reminds me of many young guys who are struggling with being open about their sexuality.

              Curmudgeon is AMAZING. It's a light hearted story about an old, grumpy, well, curmudgeon...who finally finds love, years after his wife's death. Read it if you want to laugh a little, and cry a little.

              The Ember Effect is by far, one of my favorite Episode Official stories. It's a fantasy story, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat every single time.

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                Hello! I think my story is unique, and hope you'd think the same 😊

                Title: Mysterious: The deal
                Author: Pete&Nati
                Genre: Mystery
                Story description: Megan has the perfect life until she makes a deal. Will she make the right choice and solve the mystery.
                Note: 2 first episodes are pretty short, but starting from 3rd they're going to be much longer (more than 1000 lines).
                Instagram: @npstory.episode


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                  Hi guys..
                  It's so good to see people having such diverse ideas. The ideas you guys have posted are so lovely.. It definitely makes me wanna read them..
                  I, too, published my story a few days ago.. And i would love to get some thoughts and insights.. And a read for a read sounds good too..!!
                  If anyone is interested..
                  Title: The Spell of Invisibility.
                  Author: Aisha
                  Instagram: aisha_episode
                  Genre: Rom-com-fantasy.
                  Description: What happens when Brooke's sister mysteriously becomes invisible..? How do they cope up with their lives..? Will they find love in this journey..?
                  I have 3 episodes so far.. and i'm working on the 4th one right now..

                  Thank you..


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                    I wrote a story you may like
                    Title: How to get your Dream Job in 7 easy steps
                    Author: Gisele M.
                    Description: Your dream job was to be a detective. When you're finally given a chance to solve a murder. Can you solve the mystery?
                    Genre: Mystery
                    Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
                    Style: Ink


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                      Here's mine!

                      Title: The Darkness Within
                      Author: Zayen
                      Description: As a non-human, you have been anticipating the day your ability develop. But when it did, something else emerged as well.
                      Genre: Fantasy
                      Episodes: 13 (ongoing)
                      Style: Ink

                      Hope you will enjoy it!
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                        Title : Springs Evening
                        Author: Laurie Krisette
                        Description: Three sisters take over the hidden realm of Captonium. Can they rule in peace or will hidden secrets threaten to tear them apart?
                        Chapters : 10 (ongoing)
                        Link :


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                          Hi! My story is unique and not cliche whatsoever! Try it and let me know what you think:

                          Title: The Jewel of Light
                          Author: Anirra K
                          Genre: Fantasy
                          Episodes: 3 are published, 10 total
                          Description: Can Manar become the warrior needed to save the Kingdom of Light from the Dark Prince? Or will he over power her?


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                            I just published my third story and it is Mythological Fantasy
                            Please read and leave a fanmail

                            ALERT: CHOICES AFFECT STORY

                            Cover is in review process

                            Title: BRAHMASTRA
                            Genre: Mythological Fantasy
                            Description:You are in journey of finding MYTHOLOGICAL WEAPON "BRAHMASTRA" . And eventually you will get to play as 12 chosen one.
                            Author: Mathili