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    Eclipsis by Victoria Masina ❤️
    Fragile Bonds by Human Bean ❤️
    Everly After by Anya R ❤️
    The Freckles on Mars by MeMyselfAndI ❤️
    Belonging by Jessica Swift ❤️
    Black Absinthe by Kay Elle ❤️

    Check out my Instagram page for more recommendations if you like: @episode.aurora 😊


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      Some good non-cliché stories I would recommend:

      "The Assasin: Femme Fetale" by Mette M. Peleikis
      "Betrothed" by S. Langdon
      "Beneath the Surface" by S. Langdon
      "The Curse of Charlie" by Sarah Kieser
      "Dream Job: Love and Law" by Katelyn Mo

      Also, I just published by first story here on Episode which also falls into the non-cliche category. Some details if you are interested

      Title: My Super Secret
      Author: Chozole
      Genre: Action/adventure & romance
      No. of episodes: 4
      Description: After a fateful encounter with a real-life superhero, your life is changed forever. Can you be the hero the world needs?



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        I just published my first story as an entry in the dream job competition, it's about a reality tv competition and includes a lot of diverse characters and their stories! Check it out if you wanna

        Title: Dream Job: America's Next Supermodel
        Author: Riss H.
        Style: INK
        Genre: Comedy/drama
        Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
        Description: You're given the opportunity of a lifetime! Can you handle the drama and become the next big supermodel? (Played in the form of a reality TV show with customizable MC and best friend!)


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          Hey. I just finished writing a story that I think you will like. It's a thriller and a mystery and there are surprises in every chapter. It is not cliche at all!
          It's called The Stalker.
          Description is: Your life takes an unfortunate turn for the worst when a stranger threatens everything you thought you knew.


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            hey, read ' change the way i am'' ! it's soo good, it's a little boring at first, but when you get a little longer throughout the story, it gets soo good! trust me!


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              Title: Fighting Temptation
              Author: misskal
              Genre: Drama, Romance
              Style: Ink
              Episodes: 4(ongoing)
              Summary: A sexy gang leader as his eyes on Claire. Can she fight the urge to be with him or give in to his dangerous world

              Instagram misskal_episode


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                Hello! Please check out my story! I am spending an incredible amount of time spot directing and writing but I know that the story plot will go places I am also the author of Mystery Man, Heart of Blood, and The Underworld if you have liked my previous stories.

                Title: The Other Side
                Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Mystery/Action/Adventure (basically everything
                Summary: The story seems to always be told by the good guy. Well.. what if this one was told by the bad one?

                I assure you this story is anything BUT cliche. Again, I've worked hard on it and am working even harder on the next episodes.. it has good grammar that won't make you pull your hair out (lmao the struggle), an amazing plot that I've spent months creating, and characters that are going to make you writhe in anger, swoon in love, and cry from either happiness or heartbreak. I promise to you that if you follow this story you will not be disappointed.

                And if you enjoy it, please share it with others!



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                  Hi, all!

                  I've read a lot of stories on episode and they inspired me to write my own. Please, check it out. I would really appreciate it!

                  Name: "Stolen Heart".
                  Story description: "You moved to a big city, hoping to become someone one day. But each day brings you challenges which are hard to overcome."
                  Attached Files
                  Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


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                    Hello everybody ! I started writing a story about a relationship I had but I changed a little. I think you'd enjoy it ! Please check it out and give me some feedback

                    Title : Love You, Hate You

                    Genre : Romance

                    Author : Miss Hollywood

                    Style : Ink

                    Chapters : 3 (Published so far)

                    Description : Ava falls in love with someone who breaks her heart,and now she has to choose between what she knows and what she feels.

                    Link :


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                      My story is not cliche and I hope you will check it out:
                      Title: Crimes: True At Heart
                      Author: Heart Live
                      Genre: mystery
                      Story description: They say that humans were born with a pure heart, what kind of experience caused them to grow up as serial killers?
                      Style: ink
                      Episodes: 6 (Ongoing)


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                        Speak by J. Miley ( StillyMom )
                        Totally non-cliche and sometimes goes out of the way to bash cliches.
                        A wonderfully written drama that pulls your heartstrings and leaves you begging for more. It has humor, mystery, and love.


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                        Here's my link: From the Dark, just published 3 chapters. please send feedback if you do read it.

                        I love 'Why Me?' and 'Maid for You.'


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                          Hi! I'll be glad to share my story. I worked sooo hard on it

                          Title: Haunted: The King of the Void
                          Author: Lark Noah
                          Genre: Thriller, mystery
                          No. of Episode: 4 [Complete]
                          Style: Limelight
                          Story Description: Confront the past you don’t remember. You're not alone - Death is your companion. Male MC, 2 endings. Choices do matter!
                          Contains: LGBT option, character customization, spot directing, zooming, camera angles, etc (mild use of flashing lights, but it's really important, sorry )


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                            Hi! I just published 3 chapters of my new story: My brother’s enemy
                            Here’s the link:


                            I work very hard and I hope somebody read it


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                              I don't think mine is a cliché
                              Storey: Joanna
                              Author: Hopelessromantic
                              Genre: romance