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    Any suggestions of romance stories?
    Comment for suggestions

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    Damaged Goods
    author: Aks6622
    chapers: 21 (ongoing)
    style: ink
    customize: yes
    special feature: starting in chapter 15 every choice counts. Your choices will effect your story so be careful.

    you make a vital mistake resulting in you being kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder. You are thrown into a world with a man you know nothing about. Will you discover his secrets? Will you survive? Or will love save you?


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      Dripping Mascara


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        My story is a time travel fantasy. It will have romance in it starting in about chapter 12 or so. It is about a young woman named Laura who time travels from 1810 to 2017. This story named Many Miles and Years Away is about her adventures in 2017.

        Here are some other suggestions:

        Best story: Dripping Mascara by Genevieve Marshall
        Here are my recommendations that are ink:
        1. Spell of Invisibility- Aisha- Fantasy-6 chapters
        2. Everly After- Anya R.-Fantasy-10 chapters
        3. Embers of Time- M. Jordan-Fantasy-21 chapters
        4. Magic Mirror- Alya F.-Fantasy-34 chapters
        5. Back and Forth-Earl Grey Tea-Comedy-9 chapters
        6. Traveler's Dream-Safi-Romance-5 chapters
        7. Body Switched-Anastasia-Romance-10 chapters
        8. Adventures Away-Time Stranded-Jade Michellia-Romance-5 chapters
        9. Switching Lives-Astrid-Drama-19 chapters
        10. Lost in Time-Scarlett Rose LMO-Fantasy-31 chapters
        11. The Butterfly- E.R. Gurney-Action-4 chapters
        12. Recently Royal-Tuesday Cross-Fantasy-9 chapters
        13. Cinderella by Peiyang-Fantasy-18 chapters
        14. Gender Switching-Logan Adams-Comedy-15 chapters
        15. Any of Joseph Evans stories


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          I've created two really good love stories i think.

          One is in classic style and its called Billionaire Matchmaker.
          Its got 20+ episodes

          but ive been re-editing it into Ink format and changed quite a bit of my work.

          My new ink one is 7+ long and still being worked on.

          Title: Welcome to the Billionaire Matchmaker Club
          INK style.
          Your the owner of the billionaire matchmaker club and you control the love interests, clients and more!

          Or just search the name in the stories section. Hope you enjoy it!


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            Hi, everyone!

            I've just published my first story "Stolen Heart". Check it out.
            Attached Files
            Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


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              You can check my story. The characters have a bit different personalities and what you expect may not happen. Also choices you make unlock a few scenes.

              Story Title: Yin and Yang
              Story Author: Manna
              Story Genre: Drama/ Romance
              Chapters: 9 (Ongoing)
              Story Summary: Two soulmates are destined to be together. Will fate be on their side or will their relation die before it begins?
              Preferred Chapter(s) Read: 4



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                Title: A Royal Love Story
                Author: C.
                Genre: Romance
                Number of Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
                Style: Ink
                Description: Princess Audrey always thought she'd have to marry a prince. But what happens when she falls in love with Ben instead?


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                  Hi nobody_ perhaps you may like to give mine a try? It's fantasy romance.

                  Title: In Love with the Whisperer
                  Author: Ruby L. Lee
                  Genre: Fantasy/Romance
                  No. of Episode: 22 (ongoing)
                  Style: Ink
                  Story Description:
                  Lara Raines is the Whisperer. But will her unique ability help or hinder her in finding true love? Are things as simple as they seem or are there more than meet the eyes? Meet lots of animals (illustrated by me) along the way, some are cute, the others, maybe not so much. This story is fantasy mixed with romance and a little bit of humor.
                  Instagram: @rubyllee.episode

                  Thank you so much, hope you like it!


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                    My story "The Art of Affection" is very original and it is a romance.

                    Title: The Art of Affection
                    Author: Sabrina M. Rain
                    Genre: Romance
                    No. of Episodes: 3 (ongoing - 4 out Wednesday)
                    Style: INK
                    Description: What he didn't know was that she could break hearts too.
                    Instagram: @episode_sabrina.rain


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                      I wrote a story called Heavenly Love that's a fantasy-romance story. You get to customize your love interest(s), and customize and name the main character. It's about a girl from a strict (and abusive) Catholic family who goes to a strict Catholic school, and as much as you hate the cliche, you can't help but fall for the bad-boy who transfers to your school. But the cliche goes out the window when you discover his dark secret.
                      A love adventure, and my first story ever published on Episode! I'd love for you guys to check it out, especially if you're looking for an original, exciting romance<3

                      Title: Heavenly Love
                      Author: Peggy
                      Genre: Romance
                      Number of Episodes: 3 (ongoing, episode 4 coming out next week)
                      Style: Ink
                      Description: You can't help but fall for the bad-boy transfer student. But you soon find he's hiding a dark secret.
                      Link: (Not sure if it'll work, but it's the only one I could get o-o)
                      Instagram: @peggy_on_episode


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                        I'm writing a fantasy story that has some elements of a romance story. Romance isn't the main focus, it's mostly about a woman finding inner power, but while she does she is torn between a few guys.

                        Title: Midnight
                        Description: After she finds her boyfriend cheating, Anna makes a startling discovery about what goes bump in the night in her city.
                        Genre: Fantasy, Romance
                        Author: ErinBrooke
                        Episodes: 3 (writing 4 now, ongoing)


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                          I would love you to read my story please!

                          Title : New Beginnings (INK)
                          Author : MissVickyD
                          Genre : Romance
                          Episodes : 7 out
                          Discription : Veronica is trying to make a fresh start in a new city, but what happens when her past catches up with her present?
                          Link :

                          Tags : romance, love, drama

                          Please share your stories with me as I would be happy to do read for reads.



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                            I really like Twinsanity, although some could argue it's a bit cliche.


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                              Strangers of the night by sarah'sstories is a must read. The relationship between the brother and sister is so great. Along with the mystery of her past and the struggle they've been through. All this along with this guy she's getting with. It's too good not to read