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    I have a fantasy/romance/mystery

    Story Title: The Power of Light
    Story Author: episodeLR
    Story Genre: Fantasy/Mystery
    Chapters: 12 (more coming soon!)
    Story Summary: 3 girls orphans find out about their mothers and the family past. Leading them to a secret kingdom of Lilandia where they realise they are the next ones to take over the throne as three Great Ladies with magical powers, which will be revealed one by one.
    Story Link:

    cover small.png


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      So I have a whole list of stories that are good reads but for the moment, I'm gonna list my TOP SIX Favorite, because 5 isn't enough. So I'm gonna start from older to newer reads, you may find interesting.
      • So this story is on its 25th episode and a drama read story called, "Pregnant by a Killer," written by Amy T.
      • Second story is a Mystery read and completed, the story is called, "Porcelain," written by Rahatul.
      • Third story is another drama read story called, "Faking Death," it's a continued story, but it's really catchy, and it's written by S. Langdon.
      • These last three are new authors to episode but I've been reading them and so far they're really good and I can't wait for the next few episode to come out, so you should check the next three out, once you have check out the others.
      • Fourth story is another Mystery read is called, "The Stalker," written by Singularity.
      • Fifth story is a drama read story, and it's a non-fiction story, so if your into non-fiction, then this story is for you, before I forget, this story is called, "Sofina," written by Safi.
      And last but not least, I just began reading this one but I think it has a lot of potential it's called, "Fragile Bonds," this story is a bit different it's a thriller genre, but check it out it's written by, HumanBean.

      These are my top six choices to read, I hope you enjoy them. I'm gonna be checking out the other reads you guys suggested.


      • EpisodeGirl5678
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        Omg! I love pregnant by a killer!

      • TayliEpisode
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        Every day I go to check my favorites to see If its been updated and as soon as I read one, I want more !! ;P

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      Touch of betrayal
      ​​​​​The Blinded war

      These are great and unique stories


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      I've read these stories and all of them are absolutely awesome!

      Maid for you by Alex Light
      My Episode Lover, Kill my Love, Becoming his Pet, and My Phantom Romance - All by Anneliese Allen
      Chain Reaction Triology (Chain Reaction, King Theo, and Lost)
      Dripping Mascara by Genevieve M.


      • GenevieveM
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        Thanks for loving and recommending my story, dear! <3 Means a lot!

      • tortilla
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        GenevieveM you deserve each and every recommendation! <3

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      I have a few that I love.

      I'd suggest Blake & Grace. Both of them are made by Wiktoria Forevel. They both don't have unrealistic "OMGEE I'M MAGICALLY IN LUVSSSS" moments... No love triangles, no predictable plots... Lots of teary moments, and lots of moments where you basically want to throw your devices out the window, but hey. That's what makes a story good! One thing I have to say is that there isn't really that many choices. Especially when it comes to choosing your love interest. Doesn't bother me at all since stories like that are usually love triangles. She's really passionate about writing, and she tries updating Grace at least once a week (Blake is complete)


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        Hello everybody ! I started writing a story about a relationship I had but I changed a little. I think you'd enjoy it ! Please check it out and give me some feedback

        Title : Love You, Hate You
        Genre : Romance
        Author : Miss Hollywood
        Style : Ink
        Chapters : 3 (Published so far)
        Description : Ava falls in love with someone who breaks her heart,and now she has to choose between what she knows and what she feels.
        Link :

        I forgot to put cover art to my story but I will update the story this week so it will appear I guess ...


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          You can check out my story - JOANNA by hopelessromantic


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            Hi! I just started a new story, it's a fantasy romance called My Kingdom South. It's about a princess (aka you) who travels to the western kingdom for humanitarian relief efforts, only to find out something sinister is going on within the kingdoms. There'll be 2 potential love interests and a lot of drama, so I hope it's your cup of tea!


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              Please check out these stories!

              Title: The Wolf Within
              Author: EllyB
              Genre: Fantasy/Romance
              Chapters: 45 (COMPLETE)
              Story Summary: Arden leaves her pack & runs into another pack's territory. What happens when she meets the Alpha's son?
              Story Link:

              Title: The Wolf Trial (sequel to the wolf within)
              Author: EllyB
              Genre: Fantasy/Romance
              Chapters: 3 (Ongoing)
              Story Summary: Arden has finally completed her bond with Kai. What will happen when a new force threatens to tear them apart?
              Story Link:

              Title: Not Forever Alone
              Author: EllyB
              Genre: Suspense/Romance
              Chapters: 3 (Ongoing)
              Story Summary: Evelynn is new in town & makes friends with a local boy. But what happens when she faces a past she didn't know she had?
              Story Link:


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                Maybe you want to give my story a shot

                Titel: The Life of Lynn
                chapers: 13 (ongoing)
                style: ink
                customize: partly
                special feature: choices matter, several love interests, same sex love, each episode takes about 15-20 minutes to read


                • #26

                  Title: Mei
                  Author: Manna
                  Genre: Mystery
                  Style: INK
                  Episodes: 3 (On going)
                  Description: It was almost as if he was waiting for me to come to his rescue, a trap set for me. Instead he fell into mine...


                  • #27
                    Title: Undercover: Fake Identity
                    Author: Ann2K
                    Genre: Romance/Drama
                    Enjoy <3


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                      I recently read a star power entry which is pretty good! It's got a Keeping up with the Kardashians and changing identities element.

                      Title: Star Power: Forged Identity
                      Author: Marenee


                      • #29
                        Pregnant and Searching for the Baby Father - Limelight
                        which is written by myself.
                        Genre: Drama, Romance
                        4 episodes and is ongoing.


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                          Love Issues, is new but is a good one