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Cliches I want to stop seeing

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    Originally posted by FallenAngelNight13 View Post
    Maybe it's just me, but in the past 4 stories i've read the parents died in a plane crash. Every single one . . . am I the only on noticing this.
    HAHAHAHA really? I haven't read a story like that in quite a while. In my case, I keep giving stories a chance (till around Ep 16) only to have the mean girl character turn out to have zero character development, want the MC's love interest, and bribe the MC with some incriminating video to score her a date with the love interest. *roll eyes* I've abandoned these stories since.


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      bumping the actual heck out of this wonderful thing


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        I'm curious about one of your fantasy cliches... and I think it's the only one I'm actually using, and I'm not even sure about that... My MC is kinda actually two MCs.... and I am in a fantasy world where everyone uses Magic (or Power), but the two MC(s) together *might* be the most powerful beings in the world (certainly not when they are separated, though they are both rather powerful on their own), but they don't broadcast it and it's not really crucial to the plotline for them to be "the most powerful" - they just happen to be that way. Their maternal grandmother (though I doubt this will ever be revealed in the story itself) WAS the most powerful, but she's gone... anyway, is having the MC as two MCs and them that powerful together still part of the cliche, or is it a new take and not horrible?


        • Brinckmyster
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          I just wrote that WAY too late at night, so I apologize ahead of time if it made little to no sense!

        • catsharp53
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          Even if they are the "most powerful" they still need a weakness of some sort to help push the story forward. Sure, there's the fact that they aren't as powerful together, but every "most powerful" there is ALWAYS has a weakness.

          If you're going along the lines of two characters, you can use Twitches as an example. Even though the twin witches were super powerful together, they still struggled to take out the darkness and it created a lot of damage (it's been a long time since I've seen the movie lol)

          What I'm saying is, don't ever make it perfect. If them being separated is the only weakness, make circumstances where they're apart. What I would do is this: While they're more powerful together, they're each other's greatest weakness. That means, they often put themselves in harms way for the other and this causes them to want to be apart.

          Do you get what I'm saying?

        • Brinckmyster
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          catsharp53 I mostly understand what you're saying... They don't exactly advertise their power. In fact, they hardly ever do anything super powerful until the climax part of the story (which I haven't even begun to write yet) and then what happens is kinda accidental and causes problems... I'm sure they would put themselves in harm's way to protect the other! I need sleep. I'll look at this again later, when my mind isn't half asleep to start with...

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        I absolutely love this post and it's definitely something that all writers struggle with, (even me) but thanks for bringing this to my attention


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          I'm writing my first couple stories for Episode and I'm glad that I didn't accidentally put any of these in my stories. This is a useful post!


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            i haven't read too many stories yet, still a noob, but i already see a TON of cliches, some not listed here

            -every MC is a girl. every one. where's my boy MCs. like literally do you know a story with a boy MC

            -every MC is straight as heck. let's have some gay MCs (or gay boy MCs pls)

            -MC is essentially made as a self-insert indulgence for either the writer or the reader (or both). this is fun for character customization purposes and such, but then half the time the MC has no depth

            -everything is romance. i go to the action or adventure sections, i don't find Indiana Jones, Princess Leia, King Arthur, Wonder Woman. no superheroes, no ninjas and samurai, no pirates, no knights, no cops chasing gangsters, no cowboys, no intergalactic space heroes, no trenchcoated detectives,
            nope. it's just "MC falls in love with someone who's probably dangerous but never actually shown being dangerous!" (only borderline abusive, for the "bad boy" vibe)

            -MC has extraordinary abilities that magically manifest suddenly when she needs them to. i mean in the way of the fact that the MC is a normal girl. boring, simple, looking for love. NORMAL LIFE. then later the MC has to get somewhere quick and like. hijacks a car! where'd she learn that. oh no, she's being threatened! oh look, actually she's a blackbelt in karate. her gang leader boyfriend is yelling. good thing she knows how to hack into all his systems and steal his secrets as blackmail

            -people don't know what the heck the mafia even IS


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              Mint as someone who's pansexual, i feel your pain on the heteronormativity...

              if you want some male MC stories (GOD I KNOW I'VE LOOKED) here are some i recommend!!

              A Flawless Plan (can be male, can be gay!!, funny as hell) by MEA
              Lost to the Painted City by MEA (can be male, can be gay!!, funny as hell)
              The Crow by Nadia Hambali (slow start imo but quickly interesting. mandatory to be male, female love interest, no male love interest so far but author says you are canonically bi and maybe a male interest later)
              PERFECT PITCHES: Offline by Kayla Sloan (comedy, so no love interest as far as i know. can play as a guy tho)
              The Ladies' Man's Playbook by Scotti (there's a girl you have a crush on, and your ex was a girl... so i guess you're straight. super funny and good directing tho)
              PERFECT PITCHES: 21 Dates by Melia Summers (you play as a guy like 90% of the time. super funny, but it DOES center around dating a girl)
              Fragile Bonds by HumanBean (literally my favorite story on episode. amazing directing, AMAZING drama, and 'you' are in a gay relationship that's not quite healthy but its not solely because it's gay)
              Valor Woods: Legend Reborn by Angie S. (Angie's stories are amaaaazing! Great horror/thriller, you play as a guy, no romance tho)
              Mysterious: The Cardboard House by Echo Dunkelstrom (great mystery! you play as a guy, and have romances with one of two girls, they're really irrelevant tho)
              Hellbound by Sara P. Azure (can play as a boy or girl. an action series, i don't think there's much or any romance)



              • Mint
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                you are an ANGEL

              • HumanBean
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                Oh my gosh. I love your description of my story. I'm so pleased to read that!

              • Stephotte
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                Scream. Ty

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              Cliches I want to stop seeing... OR START SEEING THEM BEING WELL DONE

              Romances between an unbalanced power dynamic - Student and teacher, really is what I mean. Things like Boss and Employee are cliched, but not inherently weird/bad. Some bad ones are when the Boss basically orders the Employee to do sexual things or endure sexual harrassment. Usually MC is the maid or personal assistant, lol. Also, Rich Boy and Middle Class Girl can be bad, if Rich Boy starts paying people off in Middle Class Girl's life. Even if it's in good intention, it can be creepy and gross.

              The guy in the relationship having all the experience - Let the girl be the one romantically/sexually experienced for once! It doesn't make her "impure" or lose her "innocence." Not every girl has never had a S/O before! Why is the boy the player all the time?

              The makeover. - The MC gets a makeover after being "Ugly" and "nerdy" for all her life. Cue bad boy crush finally noticing her.

              There's a party or club scene within the first three episodes. - THIS IS NOT A TERRIBLE CLICHE. But yeah, it's a bit over done. Usually used for an excuse for a one-night stand or meet a bad party boy. Make your party/club scene serve some purpose more interesting! Like catching drug dealing in the act, or show how MC is too depressed to have fun, or something, idk lol

              People who are not high schoolers exist. Even those who are -- *gasp* -- over 25. - Honestly, teenagers can be interesting to follow in stories. They're going through changes, mental and physical. But grown ups, have the potential to be really interesting and complex too. Write more stories outside of high school and following adult life!
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                Yes yes!! All of these cliches are so true AND SO ANNOYING TO SEE! I get so fed up with reading different stories with the same cliches and same events. It's like "Stuff it, I'm not reading anything at all!", because they're literally everywhere.

                I need to see some creative people and creative stories, please.
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                  and im just sitting here chanting "POLYAMORY"


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                    And where are the historically accurate stories? Can't there be characters dealing with a real historical event in a real country where there aren't any fantasy elements added? It's almost always some mythical kingdom where the MC is a beautiful princess or destined princess or something but why not write about medieval Europe and I dunno... plague or something. That would be really fun. Or, like World War I and II stories from different perspectives, addressing cultural and language barriers between characters or even cultural barriers on one side. But no romance. People don't really have time for romance when they're sitting in a muddy trench trying not to get blown up.


                    • JessicaSwift
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                      Have you tried any of my stories? All are historical and well researched.
                      - A Loveless Marriage set in 1910 England
                      - Belonging set in 19th century England and India
                      - Hollywood Heartbreak set in 1950s Hollywood

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                    Originally posted by Vienas View Post
                    People don't really have time for romance when they're sitting in a muddy trench trying not to get blown up.
                    HAHAAH I loVE THIS ITS SO TRUEEE


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                      Cliches I want to stop seeing

                      Cliches about why these cliches are so wrong and annoying
                      "Like omg not another teacher and student story ugh... eww another triangle love story, ewww why do people have to write about sex or badly written porn, not another FSOG, Why another pregnancy story, ewwww another predictable ugly girl gets turned into beautiful story"

                      You all complaining about these cliches, you have actually created a cliche yourself. A complainers cliche! WOOT!


                      • Vetpro.
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                        some people want to write about cliche's you think are annoying, some people still read those annoying cliches and enjoy them. If you don't want to read them, then don't. If you want to write about something else, then do it. Put don't put down the people who still want to read and write cliches. This happens on TV all the time, how many TV shows are very similar to each other, how many life time movies are about the same drama, just different people? People still watch them! People still produce and act in them! You want something different, YOU create it yourself and share it!

                        As far as me complaining, hell yeah I complain, I'm complaining about you complaining right now and I think it's funny! I complain mostly about Episode and the way they are set up Episode sucks in general. I hate that they are so uninformed and they want us to abide by some stupid rules for 13-year-olds, but in fact, their own stories they write and featured stories don't abide by their rules. They have CORSETS and NUDEBARS and claim to be for "13 year olds" yeah okay.... that makes total sense.... LMAO! I'm not being rude I am stating which cliches I think are annoying WHICH this post is about! CLICHES I find annoying are the people who think cliches are annoying! You all are allowed to bash others for writing so called "horrible" stories, so I am allowed to bash you all for bashing them just like you are allowed to bash me for bashing you for bashing them. YA DIG? lmao!!!!

                      • Javertthejollywriter
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                        Vetpro. by that logic, if you don't like people complaining about cliches, don't read complaints about cliches?

                      • Vetpro.
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                        True to that!!!! You got me on that one!

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                      Small bump up! More people need to see this.


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                        I have seen some stories with harmful narratives get the spotlight and end up on my feed. I find them dangerous considering the age of the audience.

                        I long to see Episode (company and community of content creators) stop romanticizing gas-lighters/abusive individuals and telling young girls the way to get the boy is to be a “pick me”. No, he will not change for you and in real life he is most likely to harm you psychologically and/or physically. I live in a country with alarming femicide and domestic violence statistics. I would like to hop onto Episode to read intriguing and/or uplifting stories, NOT these ones with triggering narratives.

                        Also, uh why are HIGH SCHOOL teachers either dating/impregnating their students or vice versa? This really should not be a chat even because we should be familiar with statutory rape. IDK what’s worse, the fact that these harmful stories exist or the fact that they’re usually found in Episode’s “Featured” section 🙃