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Non-Cliche or Unique Stories

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  • Non-Cliche or Unique Stories

    I am looking for good non-cliché or unique stories to read.
    Send me stories not involving "Pregnant by...", Bad boy turns good to get the girl, vampires, gangs, overnight celebrity or royalty, female MC choosing between multiple love interests, etc... you get the picture. The stories that everyone writes and puts their own twist on it, but essentially the same.
    Non-Cliché/Unique stories I recommend.
    Music From His Heart by Beeble Hope
    Too Far by Alix Ranaye
    Embers of Time by M. Jordan
    Speak by J. Miley (my own story)

    Know a GOOD non-cliché or unique story... let me know!

    J. Miley

  • #2
    I'd like to think mine are unique and non-cliche. Not to brag or anything haha.

    I've started this one called Operation: Nice Guys about a girl trying to help her weird cousin (nowhere near finished lol), but I've been putting it off to work on contest entries like Perfect Pitches: Culture Shock.


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      My historical stories are not cliche:

      A Loveless Marriage
      Hollywood Heartbreak

      I would also recommend:

      Waking Up by Antika
      Fragile Bonds by Human Bean
      Cardigan Diaries by Kate Island
      Slayer by Amanda Michele
      Purple Envelope by Kose
      Freckles on Mars by MeMyselfandI
      Cardboard House by Echo D
      Mysterious Signals by Antika
      Eclipsis by Victoria M
      A Wild Fire by Cub F
      Precision Impact by Uwe
      Curmudgeon by Kate Island (short story)
      Everly After by Anya R
      Destiny Dispatcher by Echo D
      Black Absinthe by Kay Elle
      Cafe Paradox by Morning Star


      • StillyMom
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        I have read A Loveless Marriage... it is actually on my recommended list. Love the story. I will have to check out the others.

      • jessalynn
        jessalynn commented
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        I absolutely love Belonging and A Loveless Marriage! Big up!

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      I wouldn't go so far as to say my story is good, but it is non-cliche, lol. If you like comedy, maybe check out my story "BREAKING NEWS"


      • #5
        Harboring a fugitive by zachary brockovich
        perfect pitches: hero or zero by angie s
        the ladies' mans's playbook by scotti
        dead 7 by Kayla S.
        perfect pitches: 21 dates by Meila summers


        • #6
          I highly recommend Adventures Away: Argiyon by writer.LB, Black Absinthe by Kay Elle (or anything by Kay Elle for that matter), and Zezzy Montero Takes On THE WORLD by TORIAH. The first two are completed and have wonderful stories, and the third is the best comedy I've found on Episode.


          • Praecantatia
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            Black Absinthe chapters are quite short though.

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          Hi StillyMom my story In Love with the Whisperer is a fantasy Rom-Com specially dedicated to animals and pets lovers. I think my story is not that cliche *embarrassed".
          If you don't mind, do give it a try!

          Title: In Love with the Whisperer
          Author: Ruby L. Lee
          Genre: Fantasy/Romance
          No. of Episode: 23 (ongoing)
          Style: Ink
          Story Description:
          Lara Raines is the Whisperer. But will her unique ability help or hinder her in finding true love? Are things as simple as they seem or are there more than meet the eyes? Meet lots of animals (illustrated by me) along the way, some are cute, the others, maybe not so much. This story is fantasy mixed with romance and a little bit of humor.
          Instagram: @rubyllee.episode

          Thank you so much, hope you like it!


          • #8
            Title: To Be Beautiful
            Author: Ally M.
            Genre: Drama/Romance
            No. of Episode: 8 (ongoing)
            Style: Ink
            Story Description: You're a damaged young woman who has grown up in a home where perfection and beauty is idolized, this is your journey.


            • #9
              You should Read "Touch of betrayal", it's a very unique and beautiful story. I really enjoyed it.


              • theeloquentwriter
                theeloquentwriter commented
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                Thank you so much! 😍 I'm so glad you're liking the story so far💙

            • #10
              My story is about solving different crimes, and I don’t think this is a cliche story:
              Title: Crimes: True At Heart
              Author: Heart Live
              Genre: mystery
              Story description: They say that humans were born with a pure heart, what kind of experience caused them to grow up as serial killers?
              Style: ink
              Episodes: 6 (Ongoing)


              • #11
                Hey there;
                Even though my story's genre is cliche "Mafia Story" it is different than the other mafia stories.
                There's an only-girls mafia and it's not about the leader of the mafia!
                Would be amazing if you check it out!


                • #12
                  Urghhhh where do I begin?

                  - Blake by Wiktoria

                  - Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni

                  - Stripped by Chantelle. M

                  - My Bad Boys by Scarlett Starr

                  - The Shaw Brothers by Violet Madison

                  They're my favorites and not cliché in my eyes


                  • #13
                    For My Parents (It's a mystery story, but it has its touch of romance and comedy)
                    Falling for a Student (sound cliché, but it's not like a lot if love stories where the girl is like " I LUV U SO MUCH FAM!" the relationships build over time.)
                    Anything by Kayla S.


                    • #14
                      Well, if you like Mystery stories you should definitely read mine, jejeje, people have told me that the plot is pretty original and that they liked it, so if you want to give it a chance here is the link



                      • #15
                        Oh, well! My list:

                        Fragile Bonds by HumanBean
                        Back and Forth by earlgreytea
                        My Sugar Baby Affair by YPWrites
                        Lies of Destruction by Dee Elizabeth R.
                        Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni
                        Offline by Kayla Sloans
                        Infamous by Kayla S.
                        Mr. of Mrs. Right by M. Black
                        Porcelain by Rahatul
                        Valor Woods by Angie S.
                        Torched in Flames by S.W. Rose

                        Okay, there is one of my stories - 911: Call Me If You Can (tried to avoid cliche, really)
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                        • HumanBean
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                          Thank you!

                        • Himawari
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                          911 is awesome! It's something to be proud of and not cliche at all! If I ever catch you talking it down again even a little bit, I will report your post :P