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Non-Cliche or Unique Stories

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    OMG... Speak is such a GREAT story. I can't believe more people haven't read it. I can't wait until you publish a new episode!!!


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      My story killjoy won't be sorry self promo


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        You can check out Thorne, I just published it. A ton of work went into it. Seems to be doing good so far. It's fairly unique i'd say. Lots of mini games and its fairly unpredictable.


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          Story Title: The Power of Light
          Story Author: mimy.episode
          Story Genre: Fantasy/Mystery
          Chapters: 21 (COMPLETE!)
          Story Summary: 3 girls orphans find out about their mothers and the family past. Leading them to a secret kingdom of Lilandia where they realise they are the next ones to take over the throne as three Great Ladies with magical powers, which will be revealed one by one.
          Story Link:
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            I can promise you that this is definitely not a run-of-the-mill kind of story. I really hope that you can read my story all the way till the last few episodes. There are so many new twists and turns that I have included within this story. Thank you again for your support.
            Brace yourselves for a brand new detective story like no other!

            Follow the adventures of rookie Special Agent, Noiruf, as he navigates the dark corners of the criminal world in a quest to maintain law and order.
            1. Author : Vivek Prasad (AKA Vira Dash)
            2. Story Title : When The Clock Strikes 12
            3. Genre : Adventure/Mystery/Fantasy
            4. Summary : Aspiring detective Noiruf finds himself at wits end in a race against time to save innocent lives from evil within.
            5. Style : Ink
            6. Episodes : 9 (more episodes coming soon!)
            7. Link :
            8. Instagram : @vivek.episode


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              If you're still interested in reading a unique story, I'd suggest reading See the Real Me (by Arina), Spotlight: A Valentine's Redemption (and some of the winners of Spotlight on Love, like Spotlight: Borderline, Spotlight: Maternal Instincts and Spotlight: A Selkie's Kiss).

              Also my own story entry for the Spotlight on Love Contest was very unique:

              Spotlight: Jellyfished

              Story Link:
              Main genres: Mystery/Romance
              Description: "Did you know? Jellyfish do not have hearts. Yet they live. What if a human, a woman would lose this vital organ...and live?"


              • HumanBean
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                Thank you Himawari! I can vouch that Jellyfished is amazing!

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              I'm surprised no one recommended The Ruby Tiara by Wincy yet. The story is original and has its twists! The author is inspired by ancient China while writing this.


              • StillyMom
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                I am actually reading The Ruby Tiara and love it very much. It is a very unique and well-written story and I highly recommend it.

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              What about Writing My True Destiny or Wicked Love?


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                I personally would suggest 'Galileo School Of Magic' by Lee Funk (not mine), it's really good and has amazing directing.