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  • Animation & Clothing Ideas

    A story that I'm working on requires a really special item like a type of jewelry. I was thinking that maybe Episode could make watches (for both Ink and Limelight. Classic had watches for females.) or maybe like rings. To be honest, Episode is very diverse with their clothing options which makes me so happy since the Episode community is involving many people. Another idea of mine is tattoos for girls as well. I am aware that there are tattoos for the males in Ink, but I'm wishing that we also get tattoos for the females. Also, an addition if we ever do get watches, there should be a read watch animation or if there are rings (like engagement rings) a proposing or on one knee animation. There is already a kneeling animation which I 'm almost fine with, but I feel like it would be more realistic if we had a one knee kneeling animation. Overall, I'm very excited for all the new updates currently happening. From the new clothes to animations to Limelight!!! AHHH I'm so glad to be apart of the Episode community! <3

    (Edit): Another idea is thin sweaters like cardigans.
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      Hello SkyBlueSpirit15! The Episode team always loves hearing what our players would like to see in the app, so it'd be best if you created a post with your suggestion in the Feature + Art Suggestions of the forums. Since you've offered multiple suggestions in this post, please be sure to make a separate topic/thread for each suggestion and follow the rest of the guidelines listed here.

      Reading over your post, you can find an existing topic/thread for rings and for female tattoos. Instead of making new topics/threads for those suggestions, be sure to go to those topics/threads I linked you to, like the original post, and leave a comment to bump it up and show your support for the idea.

      Thank you for bringing forth your ideas, and I hope you have a lovely day!