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Let's Talk About . . . California!

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  • Let's Talk About . . . California!

    Hey y;all I'm back! I always see this thread as story sharing and recommending - No. NO NO NO. This is discussing stories not sharing. So I am going to post some 'Let's Talk About' where we can talk about some actual stories!
    • Summer Fling: California Kisses by Anna R.
    • DIRTY FAME by Adeline Sky
    • LA Calling by Alice H.
    • Instantly Famous by Gianna L.
    • Shameless by Tyler Kelly
    • California Crush by C.C.O

    (Just random Ideas) What was your favorite? Which ones have you read so far? What stood out to you? Does the cover represent the story - or is it misleading? Plot Twisting? Do you Recommend? Would you reread? Was their multiple endings? Did you hate the ending? Is the story in the wrong genre? Will you read more? Is this pick disappointing? Do you wish they included a different story, or didn't have a story?

    If you haven't read, why won't you be reading any of the stories? Is the genre - or not hooking enough for you?

    If you are worried about saying your opinion, for hate or something similar I WILL NOT tolerate people commenting about how stupid / unfair etc your opinion is. I value your opinion. If you are too scared to comment it, PM me and I will say your opinion anonymously. note : My Pm's don't work sooo if I don't reply then I didn't get it

    (If the Authors are on the forums, let me know and I'll tag them!)

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    I am so happy that a Summer Fling story was featured.

    But on a total side note : Only like 1/4 of California is like palm trees and could fit into this stereotype xD XD

    Again, as mentioned before in other 'Let's Talk About' I don't really like when authors who are no longer on the app get featured. As in the case of Gianna L and C.C.O. neither have a profile picture. . . and their stories are featured but will never be continued.


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      I started "Instantly Famous" and barely made it to the end of the first episode. Basic directing, cliche and unbelievable dialogue, almost only default episode characters in the background, typical "omg no I'm gonna be late for school" opening scene. So everything I don't like in an Episode story. Also as you said, I don't see the point of featuring work of authors who are no longer on the app.

      I'm also planning to give that Summer Fling story a try later.


      • FallenAngelNight13
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        Oh wow.

        I agree, that late for school beginning has been over used. Is there anything you would suggest to the author to spice up their story?

      • Hanna K.M.
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        I think the most annoying thing was almost no effort put into the visual side of the story. Create background characters, don't just use the basic 10 people already made by Episode. Spot direct. Zoom. Add nice music and sounds that fit the story. Maybe even some nice story cards at the beginning and the end of the chapter. It would make it so much more appealing, to me at least.
        But the fact that the author doesn't even have an Episode profile makes me believe that the story was published in Ink's early days. So those probably weren't the times of epic Ebonni or Victoria Masina's style of directing. So maybe those issues weren't a big deal one year ago.

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      fun fact y'all: California has more than two cities and Hollywood (I know- we're more than Los Angeles and San Francisco! Insane, right?!) and not all Californians live by the ocean (we have land, which is a SHOCKING concept) and like Fallen said, we're not just a plethora of palm trees XD

      As for the stories- I started California Kisses and so far it seems to be well directed with good grammar and nice starting art. I'll update this once I've read further lol.


      • FallenAngelNight13
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        yes please~ Updates

        Do you think the cover accurately represents the story?
        Do you think the summary accurately describes the story?

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      Before I start, I just want to note how tired I am of all these California stories focusing on the south. LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Cruz, all that stuff. California is more than hot beaches and surfer dudes with weird accents (and as a native Californian, I've never heard that accent in my life). I live in one of the most gorgeous places, I think, but still people focus on LA and all that stuff. San Francisco is beautiful! And all the beaches there, no matter how cold it might be. The redwood forests, all the amazing historical landmarks. And Tahoe? How could anyone forget about that? It just peeves me out when all people focus on is that part of CA.

      Since I don't have time to read through all the chapters of each story, I'll give my opinion based on the first episode. Along with a few personal rants, I suppose.

      Summer Fling, California Kisses. Wow. The directing in this story - amazing. There's clearly so much care into putting the characters in the right spots and making sure the sizes are correct.. I love it. It was a bit predictable, though. Two people tired of having their hears broken in summer flings get together, and of course, they're best friends. I can already foresee the drama between them in the future. The dialogue is pretty good. And with the ending of the first episode, I'm a bit disappointed. It's clear that there's going to be a love triangle. If not, then that's good, but.. I'm just tired of seeing love triangles. Would definitely keep reading.

      DIRTY FAME. So, starting off, the directing is pretty good. The transition from the casino to the club was pretty neat, I'll admit. But I have a feeling that the author has little to no idea of how Las Vegas actually works, since I seriously doubt that all people do there is gamble and have sex. Anyways. It starts off pretty.. cliche, I think. 'I've always loved singing, but I'm shy, and I've also got this super supportive best friend.' I also hate it when a character says, "We're doing this!" and you get a choice to say no. But if you say no, you go anyways. But that's just a peeve of mine, I suppose. (Also, who needs more than an hour to get ready for something??) The dialogue is pretty good, I think.. I suppose I have a gripe with this story when it comes to the 'stumbling into someone who instantly finds me hot' at the bar part. But, oh well. I have a feeling in the next chapter, MC is gonna sleep with the producer and get her dream fulfilled, right? Probably won't keep reading.

      LA Calling. From the description, I can tell I'm not going to have a great time. I'm an avid hater of love stories with more than one love interest. You don't need two. It barely happens in real life. I start it off, and am pleasantly surprised by the directing, backgrounds, all that good stuff. Not happy with the character all too much, though.. Of course, people have their freedom to write however the hell they want. But I'm tired of seeing abusive ex-boyfriends who cheated. It's so cliche and predictable.. I just hate it. Have your character have a tragic past as much as you want, I do that. But it's more effective to the reader, I think, if it's something more than 'oh, abusive cheating asshole ex.' Most of the, the character doesn't even have effects from a traumatic event in their past. It's usually just a sad look and some sad memories. But, on with the story. There are some grammatical errors here and there, but nothing too bad. I'll have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I liked this one. May keep reading.. we'll see.

      Instantly Famous, I have to agree with. Cliche start off with "Well, I bet you're wondering how I got here!" and "Oh no, I'm gonna be late for school!" But, let's not run to get ready and take the time to pick out my outfit, because that's obviously more important than getting to school on time. Basic directing - walking offscreen in the bedroom, and onscreen to school. Dialouge isn't bad, but not really that special. The constant panning gets a bit annoying. And it ends pretty cliche. I can predict that's the newly single famous guy, and there's going to be a love triangle in the near future. Not interested.

      Shameless. Sigh. I know people say not to judge a book by its cover, but, I'm judging this one. I see three bad boys on this cover, and I predict three assholish but """charming""" bad boy characters, and a love square. Because one love interest just isn't enough. First few lines, and the MC seems to be the sassy character, that's really just.. annoying, I suppose? And I really don't like the meta political joke, though, I supposed that's being nitpicky. I'm also not a fan of the constant swearing by the characters. And.. yikes, the description of Maddox. Seriously? "He was badass in prison too." That doesn't make me like this character.. Makes me wonder what kind of things he did in prison, huh? The episode was a bit short, so, I didn't exactly gt a good bearing on the story, but it seemed okay. Probably won't revisit.

      California Crush. Alright, last one. The weird.. apostrophes are a bit off putting, but I'll deal. It starts off with a common cliche I dislike. With the man always wanting to get into their girl's pants, because he can't wait anymore? I'm only a trans man, so I can't confirm for sure, but I don't think every single damn man in the world thinks with his dick and is only controlled by his urge to have sex. Aha.. anyways. There's nothing too special about the directing, and the dialogue seems a bit.. blocky? Not too human, maybe? I know that's not the word, but I can't think of the right one right now. The cuts seem erratic, and there's too much panning for my comfort. And, surprise surprise, cheating boyfriend! With her best friend! Let me guess: is it because he had needs that she wasn't fulfilling? Well, the chapter ends there, so.. I'll stop, now. Most likely not going to revisit.

      Maybe I'm being critical, but I can't really help it when it comes to Episode stories.. Hopefully someone read this and thought the same, maybe not. I had fun writing it.


      • thesoulpunk
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        FallenAngelNight13 Woops! Haha, I didn't even know they were part of the user section, I just thought it was a topic about stories in Cali!

        I mean, I suppose, yes. Most people seem to like California, anyways, and this is simply my opinion on the stories. Where I have gripes, other people may not. Still, it would be nice to see a little more diversity in terms of location. Because, like I said, California isn't just the south.

      • Angel101
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        FallenAngelNight13 Exactly! I'm a San Diegan, and we want some love, too!

      • FallenAngelNight13
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        And thats a really random unnecessary comment. CoraYoungStories