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~ Limelight Is Emotionless ~ Discussion & thoughts with Images

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  • ~ Limelight Is Emotionless ~ Discussion & thoughts with Images

    In this post, I'm going to share my thoughts and the community thoughts about the LimeLight style being Emotionless.

    Read and Comment your thoughts.

    Comment "Support" if you support the topic and want

    As you know, Episode Created the new and developing style "Limelight"

    as a writer and reader, I wanted to check it out. but one thing I noticed after reading and writing in limelight is that I just couldn't connect to the animations or what they tried to portray. The characters looked emotionless.

    And it bothered me because as a new style, it is much preferred for me as a writer to grow with a new and developing style
    but the animations or characters just didn't impact me emotionally as much as ink.

    And so, I did a research to see why is that happening?
    Here's what I found:


    As you can see, in the research I did a comparison between the same animation, in LL & Ink

    As you can see (at least from my point of view) is that:

    Animations with emotion
    Animations reflect true emotion of sadness/ anger/ pain / fear
    Animations look Raw, Human

    Animations look Flawless (in human behavior manner, robotic and cold) and fake in some cases (Cry_Sob)
    Animations reflect only happiness or minor changes in emotion from happiness
    (Does not reflect anger/sadness/pain/fear as real and human as ink)
    Animations look like a model trying to look good in a photo shoot and doesn't have a real or authentic feel to it

    Now This is my opinion, so I went on to ask the episode community on Instagram with Instagram Polls about their thoughts on the matter.

    Result Images:

    As you can see, Most agree with the topic of this discussion, and want change.

    We want to love limelight, and I personally want to write in it, but with the characters looking emotionless it makes you question using Limelight

    Speaking from a business view on the matter:

    Episode is a company, and as a company investing resources in developing the style Limelight and marketing it,
    as you can see, most of the community prefers the Ink style rather than the Limelight style because it evokes unauthentic emotions.
    instead of investing resources in making more for the style as it is now, or adding more animations, I believe it's much more important to solve the main issue of limelight before expending it as it is.

    Share your opinions below.

    ~ Osher

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    Trinady Liz


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      This is interesting!


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        Support! This is why I only write & read stories in Ink.


        • EpisodeGirl5678
          EpisodeGirl5678 commented
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          Not classic?

        • JessicaSwift
          JessicaSwift commented
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          EpisodeGirl5678 No, I am not a fan of classic I am afraid.

        • StillyMom
          StillyMom commented
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          Same here Jessica. I have yet to read a story in Limelight, and even with my future planned stories, I will probably continue to write them in Ink

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        I don't hate Limelight. Actually, I wrote my last story in Limelight and it really grew on me however, I completely agree with what you said above. I thought LL worked well for my story and its genre but it wouldn't work well for every genre. I really like your image comparisons! They really put it into perspective.


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          I agree..
          I like LL over Ink, because I like writing stories with male leads - and, I just cannot find Ink male avatars visually appealing at all. But the animations look a bit wonky and the characters.. well, like you said, emotionless.


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            I don't hate Limelight and I appreciate the effort of the team and the smoothness of many animations looks great, but... This is true, they're emotionless. I'd be happy to write a Limelight story one day, but for the moment, it stops me that I can't show the emotions of my characters with just animations.


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              I love Limelight - there are so many animations and I know there will be lots more of clothing in the future.
              I've noticed that Ink animations are a bit exaggerated compared to real life. so I guess Limelight would be considered to have somewhat realistic facial expressions, like in a movie.
              but this is Episode, not a movie. our characters need to have exaggerated expressions so the reader can tell how they are feeling, because we cannot portray their tone of voice. in a movie, tone of voice is extremely important. so the viewer can tell, even if the character is facing away from the camera, how they are feeling. we cannot do this in Episode. well, actually, we could, with a couple of boxes of narration, but we don't want to stop after every line of dialogue to describe how the character said it (at least I don't want to). so we usually have to use facial expressions to express characters' emotions instead, which is why it'd be better for Limelight to have more emotion in animations.
              I'd rather Limelight have exaggerated expressions than none at all. support!