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  • Need Help Finding A Story

    Hey, so I posted this is general chat, but this forum may be more helpful. Please read until the end.

    I am looking for a story that I read more than a year ago, and I do realize it may no longer be around, but my fingers are crossed.

    The story is set in Hollywood. The main character is an actress that hasn't yet had her big break. The opening scene is of her on set running lines. Once they rap the movie up her sleazy co-star begins hitting on her and she says something like "I don't date my co-stars" (maybe, it has been a while since reading). To fast forward a little bit, she gets a role on another movie that will be her big break. Her character is dating the star of the movie, and it is decided that it would be great press if her co-star pretends to date her. So, they enter into a fake relationship. He's a playboy kind of guy, so he woes her in public. Takes her around town. Maybe to the beach. She eventually develops real feeling, but she hides them, so as to remain professional. Also, since this is her big break, it is important that she doesn't mess up when she is on set, so negative things happen if she is late to set (and one of her putting with him causes her to be late). If she messes up her lines, she might get scolded. At some point they bring in a third co-star who will play her sister (?), who I think will steal her boyfriend in the movie. This third person has a huge crush on the guy, and ends up actually taking up most of his time, and our girl gets jealous.

    There's more, but the details are a little less clear in my memory. I really wish I could remember the title like I remember these details. I have tried going through all of the titles with 'Hollywood' in them, but no luck. If this story rings a bell, please help me find this story. I would really like to read it again. I think it was written with the original episode character, but there's a small chance that it wasn't. Thanks for any and all help.