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    Hi Epsiode and all writers, I am one of the avid fan of this app and I just have to paused for a while because suddenly I change phones and wasnt able to catch the stories I've been following. I would just like to ask everyone who would know the title of the story I am following but forgotten the title. Its about a girl who defeated a guy in the game helping her friend. Then suddenly got kidnapped by 2 guys, then got drug by the other guy and was raped. And then her life was turned around when she found out the boss was her boyfriend. Then came his boyfriends father, whom liked her as well because she looks like her mother. She became a puppet because she dont want to loose her child due to rights. Please help me with the title as that is one of my favorite stoeies here. Thank you so much.

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    I'm pretty sure you're talking about a story called ''Sore Loser'' but for what I know, it got deleted.


    • KJOYANA23
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      Oh thank you so much Brittany! I can remember the title already. Yes it is sore looser. But what happen why it got deleted? Would you happen to know the reason brittany? Im sad if it really got deleted. I think it is a good story I am almost near the end of it. Did it got completed before deleted? Hmm. I thought I can be able to finish the story.

    • brittany byrd
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      I think it was completed before it got deleted. Many people, including me, reported this story due to the ways the rape and abuse has been showed and put

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