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Let's Talk About...Haute As Hell!

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  • Let's Talk About...Haute As Hell!

    Hi! As many of you might know, there is a new featured story, Haute As Hell!
    Do you like it?
    Why or why not?
    Can't wait to hear from you!

  • #2
    I guess I will go first. (Note for anyone who does not know the author, this is the same author who did Faking Death, both of those Camp Kawanka's [?] stories.)

    Normally I don't read the gem - stories because, guess what, I am a hater of gem choices. And this didn't seem cliche.

    Okay, I really did not like this story. I would use the word hate, but that word is hateful so yeah.

    I felt like the MC was a slut, to be honest. She wakes up in bed with a stranger. I had picked the option where she didn't know which gender of whom she was sleeping with. Of course, it's a gross ass person who I also get the option to continue to make - out with. Gross! I really hope adults don't live like this because sleeping with strangers is seriously GAH. I am not mature enough to talk about sex, and to someone who is would probably be more comfortable than I am would not be as grossed out.

    Then I hit the gem choice. . . .

    Grhfyuerh g GEM CHOICES huiwhf irehgerui NO NO NO NO NO. I exited the story so fast.



    • CaitlinRumble
      CaitlinRumble commented
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      No, no, no. No slut-shaming. A woman/man/character is not a bad person because of how many people they sleep with, who they sleep with, or whether or not they know those people well or have just met them or whatever. That's their prerogative and it's not a shameful action, as long as they're careful about protection and STDs. Sex is only as big a deal as you make it, really.
      That said, the person they hooked up with in the first chapter seriously disturbed me. I could never be drunk enough to take someone like that home...

      What I find more of a turn off is how, in the featured stories, the characters just have atrocious personalities. Why are they always so nasty to one another? I can't stand to read that kinda stuff, it always makes me feel so negative.

      And I'm with you on the gem choices. I understand why the featured stories have them, but I hate the way they're used. I'd be more tempted to get them if I knew I'd get extra content from the story or quality extra scenes... but I feel like we're shamed into making them and if we don't choose them, then we're ridiculed or made fun of in the story instead.
      The first gem choice just felt so silly. "Send in this awesome video you already made? ...or just make a new lame one that you should obviously know isn't going to do as well?"

      Yeah... I couldn't get past the first chapter.

    • Trying_To_Help
      Trying_To_Help commented
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      Actually, sleeping with random people is DANGEROUS. And condoms don't always work, you can get pregnant, get aids, HIV, VD, stds, And everything else, Condoms can, & DO Break.

    • CaitlinRumble
      CaitlinRumble commented
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      The same could be said about people who knowingly practice protected sex with partners who have STDs.*Shrug*
      Used properly, condoms have an over 90% success rate, close to 99%, so it’s really a very slim chance.
      Also, still not a good enough excuse to slut-shame or judge people for doing something that only concerns the two of them. Or three or four of them, if you roll like that.

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    S. Langdon is one of my faves on Episode, so, benefit of the doubt and all that. I like the premise of the story so far, but the MC and co, I find sort of insufferable. MC especially. Betrothed, and Beneath the Surface, non featured stories both by the same author, are worlds better than Haute as Hell. Something about featured stories and limited creative licenses and what have you, I guess.


    • #4
      Haute as Hell is entertaining... I guess.

      There's something very strange about episode users becoming featured authors. Their story quality really goes down, even when the original is pretty good. For example, Kay Elle's Drakulya's Kiss being remade into Vampire's Kiss. The original felt like it had a lot more style and 'heart' to it lol

      By no means are S. Langdon and Kay Elle bad/boring/generic authors, either (FAR FROM IT TBH THEY'RE MY FAVES), but I guess to have it featured it needs to be made more palatable..... But really, it's just cool that they can get money from their work now.

      But in all honesty, the gem choices for Haute As Hell weren't even as bad as most featured stories. I ain't saying I paid for them lol but they weren't as bad as, for example, PLL.


      • #5
        First things first, as always the new clothing is awesome and this story could be a more polished version of Bad Boy Bachelor (at least the concept of a reality show).

        Otherwise, already from the first two episodes I've read so far, MC is too extra to even be in a reality show. Seriously, I've chose to make her drink her worries away (not sure it was important) and kept my cool once meeting Bar Girl/Arianna, and MC threatened to use pepper spray. Maybe MC is supposed to be this dislikable, but I'm not sure since I haven't read much featured content before.


        • #6
          I respect Langdon as a writer and that's why I started reading it and I'll most probably continue. My first impression is, it's great to have a featured story with good directing. I wasn't disappointed.
          It's also entertaining and I'm curious to know where the story will go.
          This isn't exactly my cup of tea because I prefer other topics, and disgusting behavior of almost every character doesn't really appeal to me (I think this effect is intended though). But this point is applicable to many other stories. I don't know why being mean is popular


          • #7
            It's a good story so far, and I'm sure the character is meant to be that way, and will eventually grow out of it.


            • #8
              I read a bit of the first chapter. Kinda wish she didn't post a huge spoiler in the very beginning of it since Id like to find put for myself that Jordan doesn't seem like the best person. I've read Faling Deatg, and it's a bit hard to believe the same author who wrote that story wrote this... It's not bad, also different from others where the MC falls for a hot guy... Just not my cup of tea. Also, anyone else notice the curvy red dress the MC was wearing? Looks like we're finally getting different body types!


              • #9
                I started it. I couldn't really finish the first episode though.

                See, I knew this would be a cliche Episode story the second I saw it. I decided to go for it though- I had nothing better to read at the moment and the title was certainly interesting, but I knew at best it wouldn't be more than a 'guilty pleasure' type story for times of extreme boredom.

                MC wakes up with a stranger next to her. Okay. Fine. This is Episode after all- if there isn't at least one random hookup is it even a featured story? Creepy stranger? Ew. Ew ew ew ew. Warning bells are a'blarin. But whatever, I kinda went with it.

                Then things hellaaaa went downhill. The opening made it clear Jordan was a shit person and that preconception made it difficult to be able to feel what the MC felt when she gets the audition. The MC is like "Yay what an awesome friend I have!!" and the entire audience is like "Um no she isn't, get the hell away" and that kinda ruins it

                Then the audition video. I don't think we needed that level of shame for not spending IRL money for a choice that didn't matter anyway. I actually lowkey thought "Damn should've spent the gems!" and I mean considering how eeh it was (would a brand new barely experienced host have any influence in choosing who was on the show as compared to experienced network execs? I think not.), I kinda just exited then and there.

                Maybe I'll pick it up again if I feel like feeling like shit for not spending my gems on this.

                The positive though- It could still take a good turn- I don't think it will looking at recent Episode trends, but backstabbing sneks are literally 90% of the people I know, and being around them everyday, I think that a lot can be done with that when you add the backstory of Haute as Hell and take into consideration how some other reality show Episode stories like Reality Roommate turned out interesting because of backstabbers and that kinda stuff. tl;dr, there's a teeny tiny amount of hope for it.


                • #10
                  I didn't hate it but I did quit and attempt again numerous times until I eventually got through the first four episodes.
                  Honestly, the gem choices really bugged me. Normally gem choices don't bother me at all since they don't majorly impact the story and not spending money doesn't make you feel like a bad person. This story really made me feel guilty for being poor. Not being able to submit the video that I'd ALREADY created. Having to go to the club in coffee-stained PJs. Having to reject the love interest time after time again only to have the reader message pop up telling me that he'll remember that. Sorry mate, I'm broke. I don't like you that much.
                  I basically exited every time I felt like a crappy person then tried again when I wasn't so annoyed lol.
                  The actual storyline seems OK though so I'll probably continue. Most of the characters annoy me but I'm curious to see where the story goes now.

                  I do think it's great that you can choose your sexuality however, I'm guessing that very first choice sets you up for the rest of the story? It probably could have been more clear.


                  • Echo_D
                    Echo_D commented
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                    I have to agree with this. It's reasonable to spend gems when it gives you access to extra scenes that aren't crucial for the plot but improve your reading experience. Okay, I can bear with outfit choices where you may choose to spend gems and wear something extraordinary, or wear something regular and not get the privilege to have that jaw-dropping look. But being ashamed of my PJs was too much for me and not funny at all, and the reactions of those people in the club... If I saw a person in coffee-stained PJs, I'd suppose that they need help, I wouldn't make fun of them

                • #11
                  I hope this story is sort of a parody. Otherwise I don't understand a thing about it....


                  • #12
                    I like the concept behind Haute as Hell, but like some other people said, I don't like the choices and being made fun of every time I don't pick the premium answer. I'll probably still read it though, just to see what happens.


                    • #13
                      I read all four chapters because I had nothing better to do and I was curious. I dislike how basically MC is a hoe and a drunk. Like....why? And I hate the fact that there's always judging because I can't pick the premium choice. I feel there should be in between choices like if I didn't pick the premium video but I don't want the lazy video maybe the in between video could be MC in the city (since I had to pick location anyway) but excluding the whole grand canyon thing. Or for the outfits maybe I could have had the option to maybe do a certain style like lazy vs black/white vs premium option. I don't know that just would have been my preference. It started off on a bad note for me and I wasn't pleased at all. I don't plan to continue reading.


                      • #14
                        When I saw who wrote it, I immediately clicked. S. Langdon has always been one of my favourite authors but this isn't my favourite story of hers.

                        The ideas a little boring and over-done but I feel the characters are pretty cool. For all those slut-shaming the MC, that's how the MC is meant to be and, also, a LOT of people are like that in real life - one night stands are a thing.

                        A lot of writers are pushed by Episode to create a more generic story because those stories get reads. It doesn't mean the quality is any less though, I am still quite enjoying it.

                        I like the story so far. It isn't her most creative idea but it's still a good story nonetheless.


                        • #15
                          I started playing Episode around the time it first dropped. While the stories I read were good uninstalled it to free up space. I recently decided to download it again, with Haute as Hell being my first choice to read. Didn't even finish it, and uninstalled the app right after exiting it. The thing that ticked me off the most is that premium choices are shoved in your face as the right one to choose, and you're basically scolded by the game for not spending actual cash.