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    So I started reading new stories and I'll admit they are not as great as I had hoped but I pushed on in hopes that they would get better. But after coming across the diamond choices I was 'forced' to stop.

    Maybe its just me but why is it necessary to trash a player for chosing or not being able to afford a diamond choice? I came across this in both the new 'Pitch Perfect' story and the 'Haute As Hell' story.

    A diamond choice should be a chance for the reader to get more out of their story or sneak off for more romance with their favorite character. When I see a diamond choices I should think 'ohhh i get more time with so&so' not 'Ohhh great if I dont pay for this I'll spend the next 5 minutes getting trashed by every character'.

    Is it just me being dramatic? Or does anyone else feel this way as well?

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    They to get you to buy gems... What they cost is CRAZY!!


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      I hate how in one story it was a gem choice to dress appropriately to a funeral.


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        Really? What story was that? :/
        Thats just inappropriate


        • Starmoji1
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          Pretty little liars

        • Cricket Master
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          Pretty Little Liars

        • Little Potato
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          It was pretty little liars.

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        I agree with you.
        Personally, I have no issue with gem choices in general. I understand that Episode as a business needs to make money. Selling gems and charging for premium choices is a way for them to keep the main app free. Like you, I do have a problem when you don't pay for gems and are made to feel like a failure because you're wearing a really ugly outfit or coffee stained pyjamas at a nightclub.
        I like the premium choices where if you don't choose it, the story moves along as normal. You don't get the bonus content but you aren't made to feel bad.
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          Yeah, I agree. Gems per se might not be the trouble here, but rather the usage of them. Stories - like some of you already mentioned - should not derive from the narrative and give you a negative outcome due to you not using a large sum of gems that's quite expensive in the end. I know that it's needed for the app itself, but it's kinda sad when a story that seems great, stops you from enjoying it because you could not choose "the right path" and therefore must be punished for it storywise. I want to be able to enjoy the gem stories and to not feel as if pushed aside because I'm not in it for the gem choices. Nowadays I always get the feeling of not beeing able to make my own story, because I'm always limited to the choice that's for free which is not as good as the golden choice. That no matter what I do, it always become a matter of buying the full experience. And it's really sad, because I want to be able to enjoy those stories as well.

          The gem choices should therefore not impact the story in the way they do as of now, but instead offer something exlusive that would rather add to the story than remove. Something that would not impact the story as a whole, and would stlll enable me to make my own choices without having to pay for them at all times. And if I do recall, Episode used to be like that in a way before. But, it could also be that my memory isn't as good as I thought it was.That would be a bummer.


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            I agree. I think the gem choices should be for some extra scenes or something that would be best but does not impact the story. I do not appreciate the choices that leave you doing something ridiculous like showing up for a funeral in pajamas if you do not buy an outfit or where you know you will get harassed for how you look. Please, I had enough bullying in middle school and high school, I do t need an app for that!

            I too have all but avoided the stories by episode that use gems and have stuck to user stories instead. Often user stories are much better anyway!


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              I agree. Gems are necessary - Episode is a business. If they can't afford to pay their staff and keep the app running, then we don't get the app.
              THAT SAID, I have never made a gem choice in Episode that I actually thought was worth it. Even the ones that sound like they're going to be worth it are usually disappointing.

              If I had a hand in deciding what gem options included, I would do the following.
              -Extra scenes/romantic scenes with a love interest that are ACTUALLY worth it. If people are using real money to play these scenes, then they should get their money's worth. The scenes should be of decent length, quality and make the player glad they made the choice.
              -Special items to make an upcoming task easier. The task should still be possible to complete without making the gem choice, but it'll be harder.
              -REALLY NICE outfits with the option to still wear something reasonable if you don't choose the gem option.

              Things I would not do:
              -Shaming the user for not choosing a gem option. This doesn't make me want to spend gems to avoid being shamed - it just makes me stop playing the story. Partly because it feels like I'm being bullied, partly because it's usually so dumb, "I could wear this awesome outfit that someone already gave me........ or I could go to the party in sweats and a tank. Yeah, sweats and a tank it is," ...said literally NO ONE.
              -Putting significant information that's important to the plot behind a pay option.
              -Making the gem options basically pointless. The Demi Lovato stories were really guilty of this. "Use gems to stop this bad thing from happening! just jokes it happened anyway, thanks for you money tho."
              -Making the gem content super short and disappointing. Like I said, people are using their REAL MONEY to pay for this. They deserve to get something worthwhile for it.
              -The only choices in the story are between gem option or lame option. I like actually having to think about my choices before I make them. Sometimes only having two options is unavoidable and okay (i.e, get the extra scene or don't. Wear the nice outfit or don't) but when

              tl;dr: Make sure your story is a solid story minus gem options first. Then think of some great extra content that is *actually worth* users' money that you can add in as gem options. Boom. Everyone wins and people like me actually start using gems.


              • Twoneplon
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                i agree, well said.

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              Totally agree I have started to watch other people use gems to see what happens and honestly most of what I see is not worth it at all.


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                I've paid for gems once and I indeed found out that it didn't change much to the ACTUAL plot. It was something extra. This was back in August and yes, it felt nice to be able to dress my character in some snazzy outfit instead of a regular one or have an extra romantic scene with the love interest for example. I do feel that now there are stories in which you're made to feel bad about the choice you have to make without the gems, like deciding to not stand up for yourself or indeed: go to the club in coffee stained pajamas (that one actually made me laugh and it didn't effect the story, but I can imagine that going to a funeral in your pj's will have a completely different outcome...).

                Looking at the recent stories I've checked out, Haute as Hell is a good example of using gem choices and Living with my Crush is a bad one... I can imagine that some of Haute's readers get the feeling that they're losing chances in the gameshow by not picking gem choices but that isn't true. In my opinion, you just have to think and be smart about your other choices - and I actually love that! If your missing out on the perks of a great outfit, you really have to choose wisely, which makes your choices matter even more.

                As for LwmC: the alternate choices from gem choices just suck! Going shopping for a nice outfit to impress your crush and then not being able to choose to defend yourself and keep it? And instead the school bitch just steal it from you? What the heck!? I can imagine these kind of choices make some of our readers feel bad, especially the younger ones amongst us.

                Be wise about the use of gem choices, Episode.


                • Dara Amarie
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                  I agree about Haute as Hell! I have won every challenge and I never once bought any gem choices. You just need to pay attention and know which choices you should choose.

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                I agree. Episode is a business and NEEDS to do this, otherwise they might get in debt and can't continue this. However, they should work on making their diamond choices more reasonable. For example, Pretty Little Liars. I have to pay to wear appropriate clothing to mourn my friend who died... seriously? I prefer the diamond choices in Demi. They were mostly for clothes, and were only shown a few times every few episodes.