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Let's Talk About... My Teacher, my Gang Leader!

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  • Let's Talk About... My Teacher, my Gang Leader!

    What did you think of the new featured story, My Teacher, my Gang Leader?

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    First thought? My teacher, my WHAT???

    I tried, I really tried to get through the first episode, but they took every bad Episode trope and threw it together into one story and I just...

    The dialogue ended me. I’m typing this from beyond the grave.

    25 gems to invite the guy you saved from gangsters into your house? Here’s how it went:

    You invite him in, exchange more of that cringeworthy dialogue, oh, there’s a choice to kiss the random stranger we picked up from an alleyway. Okay. We do that, it’s lackluster and totally weird. He asks us our age, okay, that’s ALMOST addressing the fact that she’s probably underage and he’s not, but nope. No dice. He showers, she finds him half naked... yep, like you expected any different... more talking, blah blah blah, the age thing comes up again, whaaat? And her answer is the same— “I’m old enough”. Uh, red flag on that one. Then he has to leave because her mom’s home! Finally! Girl needs some serious supervision. Random stranger leaves, the end.

    That’s also where I ended my play through. It was a short but painful experience.


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      First impressions: Episode, why??? All you needed to do was add "Pregnant by" at the beginning and you have the trifecta of cliches.

      After Episode One: This romance moved wayyyy too quickly. I see some guy in an alleyway who is clearly in some bad stuff but it's OK, because he's hot so I'm just going to risk my life and stick up for him. Then, I get the option to pay 20 gems to kiss someone I JUST met. Or 25 if I want to bring him upstairs... Yeah, no. "Is this what love at first sight feels like?" I doubt it. Even if gems weren't involved, I wouldn't kiss him anyway.

      I kept reading. I don't know why. Teacher boy breaks into the MC's house. Um... stalker alert? I would have called 911. It's OK though because he's hot so rather than being totally creeped out, she's relieved and lets it slide.

      After three episodes, I was hooked but not in a "this story is awesome" way. More in a "this story is a train wreck but it's so bad that it's entertaining and I can't avert my eyes" kind of way.

      After fifteen episodes: "I just wasted an hour of my life."

      It wasn't the worst featured story I've ever read (that spot so far belongs to Mr Popular and I) since I could at least get through it (although admittedly I was laughing in every episode and I don't think they were supposed to be funny?), but I really think this could have worked without the teacher romance aspect? They could have removed it or at the very least, had the MC in college. She was 19 anyway. The MC is also incredibly dumb. Who runs TOWARDS drama in an alleyway and stands up to two scary men while unarmed? She then automatically trusts him and gets into a car with him. He could be a murderer Who agrees to hotwire cars for a guy they barely know?
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      • Charmella
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        Pregnant by My Bad Boy Teacher and Gang Leader. 😂

      • Lum
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        Charmella Next Story Title: Pregnant by my Vampire Teacher-Student Bad Boy

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      Wait... there's a new featured story called "My Teacher, My Gang Leader"?

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        These reviews are making me laugh so hard. XD


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          Ohohohoho oh man, once I saw that cringey title I had to read this masterpiece immediately... And it was even worse than I expected!
          I laughed so hard at the beginning, because Episode obviously tried to kill that "a guy saves a girl" cliche and reverse it, but instead they made an absolute dumbhead out of her - did they really think that having a teenage girl get into a fight with TWO thugs who could have been armed is "promoting strong female leads"? Well, let me give you a hint: it isn't. It's promoting stupidity.
          And don't even get me started on that hottie wearing a leather jacket whom MC just lets in her car because she ASSUMES he's a good guy and 5 minutes later she's either ready to kiss him, invite him to her house or let him drive off in HER CAR (depending on how many gems you have ofc). And oh em gee, spoiler: next day she finds out that her biology teacher retired, and dang, you will not believe it, the cute leather jacket hottie is going to replace him!!!
          I'm not reading this joke any further, especially aftwr seeing screenshots from other chapters.
          I really wonder if Episode team who comes up with such ideas OR picks popular Wattpad stories to adapt such terrible stories actually thinks "woah, this is really good". My gangster, my teacher. Gosh. My cringemeter went off charts.


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            I haven't been on the Episode App recently so I thought this was a user story.
            But when I clicked on this, I realised that it was an EPISODE story. Like whaaaat?

            Episode now featured a gang leader story? I honestly hoped we were past those cliches but ohhhhhh no; nowhere near.


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              That story is embarassing. Sorry.


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                As soon as I found out this story existed, I literally said "OH FUCK OFF EPISODE" to myself.

                And between that and these reviews, I ain't touchin' that story with a ten-foot pole.


                • Meraki
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                  do you mean a 39 and a half foot pole? ;P

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                I tried to read it and just couldn't finish the first chapter. Much of my opinion was already stated but really episode? The title already is extremely cringeworthy. The whole teacher/student thing is not an okay trope to use. How did this story just okay'd in the first place? They haven't even broadcasted the story on their Instagram, probably cause they know it's a mess but still why post?! Their young audience needs to stop seeing this because they're going to eventually think this is acceptable. I long for the day the actually do an overall decent, positive thinking, lacks all types of cliches (or if uses a cliche does it in a way that isn't painful), but that will be a long time.

                I'm just waiting till they post a story "pregnant by my ____".


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                  Are you kidding me? The title alone is enough for me to know what a mess this is. I only read the first chapter, and I'm not reading any further. This thing is wrong on so many levels. So many good user stories out there, and they choose to feature this garbage?

                  EDIT: I just need to say... what kind of teacher would get involved in a gang?! My gosh, aren't we supposed to be teaching kids and teens values and respect? This story seriously needs to be removed.
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                    I'm deeply ashamed to confess that I've read it when I had to kill time and couldn't focus on something more serious. In fact, I appreciate how it was executed, I saw a couple of directing tricks that I liked. And maybe a flair of mystery (story of the death of the MC's father's) drew me in and I hoped to see something better in the next chapters of the story. Spoiler: I didn't. Sorry

                    About the MC, the plot and everything mentioned, I only have to agree. I feel bad for the author because of this, but people can't be more right when they say how this story is wrong. Actually, it's very funny to see the same plot elements in a new mix. A love triangle, gangs, insta-love and gem choices that I'd never spend a free gem on... Once again, I feel bad for the author because everyone's making fun of the story on IG and elsewhere now. It must be discouraging.
                    With all due respect, I regret giving this story good retention by reading the whole of it. It isn't a kind of theme/plot I'd like to support.
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                      I saw it and my first thought was, ha ha, great April fools joke... oh, hang on... it's Christmas day, not April first. Hm, ok. So... this is really a story? Ok, the name is just trying to catch our attention. Let's have a read, it can't be that bad can it... oh... dear... is this for real?

                      I read the first chapter and red flags were flying all over the place. Then I hit the "Is this what love at first sight feels like?"... my response... NO IT'S ADRENALINE FROM HAVING A FIGHT WITH SOME GANG THUGS DOWN AN ALLEY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT THEN SPEEDING OFF WITH A STRANGER IN A CAR!!!!!!" (Although he was in a leather jacket so he's hot which makes everything ok. Um... NO!) Then... the story further disgusted me by offering me to kiss this creep I met in an alley and even bring him upstairs with me for GEMS! WTF seriously?

                      I've had about 5 showers since I read that chapter and I still feel unclean.

                      This story makes me ashamed to be an Episode user.


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                        EDIT: oops if i come off as rude; i'm just spilling facts because episode just wants a bigger audience using cliches that seem to bring in reads
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                          I tried to get into it but the second episode was a total turn off for me.

                          SPOILER ALERT

                          I instantly dropped it when the teacher broke into MC's house and started spouting nonsense like "Stay away from me!!! I'm dangerous!!! I broke into your house just to tell you that!!! Also, I am a high school teacher even though dangerous people are after me!!!!"

                          Ugh, seriously? Nope. :|


                          • CaitlinRumble
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                            He broke into her house to tell her to stay away from him? Talk about mixed messages.