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  • Bromance Stories?

    On Episode, I've rarely encountered a story that focuses on an interesting relationship, not between two lovers yet rather two different people.
    If anyone has read a good bromance story or a good story about two different people working through their differences to create a good and longlasting friendship (or just something along those lines) please let me know!

    I'm quite sick of the romance stories that dominate Episode (not that they're bad. I love a good romance story but I want to read something new and take a break from the same-old-same-old)

    Thank you
    Anastasia Green

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    Would love to hear feedback on this too!


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      Actually currently I'm making a story, where the most important relationships are between brother and sister. Got my inspiration from Supernatural. But I'm still making these 3 first episodes, as I'm kinda nerd about directing and other stuff. Wanna make it as good as I can. Hopefully I'll launch it in 2 weeks.


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        I don't know anything that's been published pertaining to that, though, I am working on a story where the MC develops a special relationship with his foster brother (no, not a romantic one).

        I know that's probably not the answer you were looking for, but.. On the Episode forums, when you as for recommendations, you usually get self-promotion in return.


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          You could try my historical story Belonging. The strongest relationship in it is the friendship between Eliza and Ada.


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            Dead 7 by Kayla Sloans is pretty bromantic, there are some regular romantic elements too but mainly it's consists of people with differences having to learn how to work with each other.

            I really thought I'd have more recommendations....