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    I am a new author on episode and I have recently published my story called Saving Enchantilis [INK]. If you would like to do a read for read, just comment or private message me! Feel free to DM me on instagram as well (my instagram username will be given below).
    I will give screenshots as proof that I read your story.
    Title: Saving Enchantilis [INK]
    Author: CeceEpisode
    Forum Name: episodecece
    Genre: Fantasy
    Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
    Style: Ink
    Story Description:. Enter the magical world of Enchantilis; A world equivalent yet superior to our world Earth in many ways. In this world, cultures are admired, not hated. Sexualities of all kinds are welcomed, not frowned upon. Studies of medicine and science have gone beyond successful, and millions of effective cures for all kinds of diseases have been created. This world is the definition of a realistic paradise, until a strange force brings danger to Enchantilis. When six teenagers are chosen to save their world, what will happen? Will they succeed ?

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    I really love your story. I haven't published anything yet but i now directing takes so much time. Hope you'll get many reads ♥


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      Thank you so much, that means a lot! If you do end up writing a story, I hope all goes well for you.

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    I'd love to read your story! Fantasy stories are my FAV and I believe they're harder to write and direct.
    I also just published my very first four episodes yesterday, so if you'd like to read mine I'll drop the info!
    Title: The Princess of Arathnia
    Author: Britt Lawrence
    Forum Name: episode.brittany
    Genre: Fantasy
    Chapters: 4 & ongoing
    Description: Evil lies in wait as Princess Anastasia struggles with her royal reality. Sexy spies, royal princes, magic, love & betrayal. Will she survive long enough to find love in the midst of war and chaos?


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      This sounds really interesting! I'll start on yours right away and private message you screenshots.

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    I'd like to read your story. I published my very firs story a few months ago but I've recently started editing it and I'd love to get some feedback.
    Title: Professed Love.
    Author :XxxxDreamerxxxxX
    Genre: romance
    I've got 14 chapters but only up to episode 5 is edited and ready to read. Also, I only create stories on my phone so I'd really like to know if people are entering/exiting correctly and things like that.
    If you decide to read my story lmk and I'll read yours too!