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  • Which story would you rather read?

    So at the moment, I've got plans for two stories (both Limelight), and I'd like to know which one sounds more interesting to you guys, so I know which one I should focus more of my time/attention on. Here they are:

    Scandalous centers on Catalina Romero, a senior at Ashbrook, an ivy league college in New York. After her best friend Alexa is found dead, Catalina and her friends work alongside Detective Huang to try and solve her murder, and even end up investigating Alexa herself after a series of strange clues lead Catalina to believe that her dearest friend wasn't the person she thought she was. All the signs seem to point to Alexa's murderer striking again - can Catalina find out who it is before she, or any of her friends, are next?

    I've had this idea for a few months now, and I'm currently writing the third chapter already, so the overall story and some of the finer details are more developed, and the first few chapters would probably be released sooner (depending on how much free time I have lol yikes). The story explores the themes of poverty, classism, sexuality, and, of course, death.

    Curious (a working title and based loosely off the song 'Curious' by Hayley Kiyoko) revolves around high school seniors Jasmine and Daniella, one of which is exploring her sexuality, and both of whom fall in love. A messy, but mutual, breakup of their summer romance leads to Jasmine hung up on Daniella and her feelings unresolved. She hopes that they can rekindle their relationship once school starts again, but is horrified to find out that Daniella seems to have moved on - with Quinn, the new guy. Jasmine impetuously starts to sabotage this new relationship, but things quickly take a turn for the worst ...

    Anyone who's a fan of Hayley Kiyoko like I am will know the song was only released yesterday, so the details of this story haven't quite been worked out yet, but I think it could flourish into something quite interesting. The main theme of this story is sexuality and the LGBTQ+ community, but will also include some things about homophobia/biphobia.

    Please choose which story you think is more interesting/which you'd rather read, and, if you like, leave a reason why you chose one/didn't choose the other. Thank you!!!

    (Also, wasn't sure where this should go, so sorry if it's in the wrong section lol)

    The poll is expired.

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    Although they sound equally good, I am a huge fan of mystery stories so I voted for Scandalous.

    I would however read Curious too, as it also sounds like a great read


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      Thank you! <3

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      No problem, I'd love to know when you've chosen and published so I can read it!