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  • Best episode stories

    It’s pretty obvious that the app is filled with thousands upon thousands of stories, so it can be hard to find the hidden gems! People tend to point out that a majority of stories are based around the same common theme; bad boys, gangsters, pregnancy etc. So I figured that I’d make a list of my personal all time favorite stories that are (in my opinion) entirely unique, hidden gems, masterpieces and have something to them that just makes you want to read them all the way through the end and then some! I’m always looking for new stories to read and I’ll read any story if it’s good, no matter the style, so if you don’t see your favorite story or want to recommend another then please leave a comment to add to the list! (Try not to repeat stories and no self promo please.) The one’s that are bolded and italicized are the standout blockbusters to my favorites!

    - Dripping Mascara by Genevieve M.
    - The Phoenix Prophecy by Joeseph Evans
    - Dear Teddy, I Love You by Sin Yee T.
    - Beautiful Destruction by RMM
    - Destined To Meet by Stella E.
    - Broken Smiles by Sabrina l.
    - Santana by Sarah J.
    - Getting Evan by Ari
    - Drive Me Insane by T.S.
    - The Loser by RMM
    - The Final Wings by AimeeLynne
    - My Baby Girl by roseno x
    - The Dare by B-Bae
    - Out Of The Darkness by Freckles
    - The Bad Boy’s Girl by Chloe K.
    - Distraction by Kayleigh.
    - The Little Issues by PsychoWrites
    - The Devil’s Advocate by Sarah J.
    - Pain Behind the Beautiful Eyes by Mercilles Poet
    - LUCKY. by Rebecca Burn
    - The Lost Bow by A.R Stone
    - Twilight Towers by Ember Wilde
    - A Touch Of Rain by anastasiavic
    - I.N.V.U. by Sally I.
    - The Time Jumper by Rachel Tin

    - Nightmare On Episode Street by KayB
    - Valor Woods by Angie S.
    - Vegas, Baby by Amelia Rose
    - Sweet Beast by Chelsea N.
    - Grimdor by Vina
    - Sinful by Trisha
    - Backup by Ellie F.
    - Red Vert by SecretWriterJ
    - Trials of Suburbia by TORIAH
    - Rebounding with Bad by Talia Rose
    - Olden Glory by Uwe
    - Eclipsis by Victoria Masina
    - Maid For You by Alex Light
    - Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni
    - The Renegades by Sonja Kingston
    - Dead 7 by Kayla S.
    - The Shaw Brothers by Violet Madison
    - Precision Impact by Uwe
    - The Doberman by Meesza
    - Infamous by Kayla S.
    - Dream Job: Morte by Ruby I.
    - Mr. or Mrs. Right by M. Black
    - Captivating Melancholy by epnessa

    - Why Me? by Sophia Alice
    - From The Outside by Ash
    - Prince Of Arcadia by Latrichia Lake
    - Matchmaker by Alex Light
    - Pitch Perfect In Deep Treble by Episode
    (I know this list is lacking, I’m hoping to add to it soon!)

    Like I said, if you don’t see your favorite stories then leave them in a comment down below! And don’t forget to like the post so that episode can see it’s community's favorite user stories!
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    Speak by J, Miley (on current shelf)
    Being Perfect by Arrows
    Ruby Tiara by Wincy W.


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      Totally agree with your lists!
      Read My Lips by Regina
      Ice Ice Baby by Kayla S.


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        In Classic, one of my very old favorites is 30 Days to Find Love.


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          Hello all! As fans of great Episode stories you may be interested in adding your support to this feature request requesting a shelf for classic/beloved stories! Just thought it could be of interest! Carry on ✌️


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            A Fetish For Perfection
            The Blacksmith
            Ice Ice Baby
            Tangled Love
            Living Life In The Fast Lane
            The Bad Boy’s Girl
            You Are My Addiction
            The Meet Up


            • StoryRecommendations
              Editing a comment
              Ice ice baby has already been recommended, although it’s a great story, please try not to repeat recommendations. Be sure to read the original post as well as other lists before recommending!

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            Nobody likes pretty little liars? I also prefer limelight to the ink and classic.

            Pitch Perfect > Pretty Little Liars > Clueless > Nightmare on E Street for my top 5 overall favorite


            • CaitlinRumble
              CaitlinRumble commented
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              Limelight is my favorite style and the only style I write in, but I have yet to find any stories in Limelight that I would recommend on a "best of" list.
              Also, I kinda hate the way the old Limelight characters looked, how the faces and hair had no shading... so I don't really enjoy any of the old ones that Episode released.
              Pitch Perfect had amazing directing. The story was kind of standard Episode fare.

            • StoryRecommendations
              Editing a comment
              Not to be rude, but nobody said that they didn’t like pretty little liars and this isn’t a post for opinions about styles, just a post to recommend good stories. You also repeated Pitch Perfect & Nightmare on Episode Street, please read the original post as well as other lists before recommending.

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            okay i have some suggestions too

            Rivals by Alex LIght
            Rivals 2 by Alex Light
            Apartment 143 by Natasha Hills
            Recently Royal by Episode
            I married a prince by earlgreytea
            Changes by Kylie
            Bad blood by Sandra G
            Brothers by Kitty G
            Assassins of Blackwood by Dana Violet
            Infamous by Kayla S
            Not interested... by Madison
            Read my lips by Regina
            The feeling bu Chloe X
            My phantom romance by Anneliese Allen
            Star power: The B-list by Coni B
            Evil is created by Deniselina

            The sis code by linasofia
            A place to call home by linasofia
            Forever yours by Kylie
            Matchmaker by Alex Light
            Me + three by SR
            My teacher, my gangster by Episode
            The last goodbye by Episode


            • #9
              These are my favorites:

              Deep Attraction 1, 2 and 3 by Lady Dianna
              Chain Reaction 1, 2 and 3 by Miss MJ
              It's Just An Illusion by Miss MJ
              Playing for Keeps by Lady Dianna
              COMPLICATED by Sai Keyhart
              BILLIONAIRE BABY DADDY by Charmian C
              Bad For My Heart by Michaela Bri
              The Curse of Charlie by Sarah Kieser
              Cetrinda by Sarah Kieser
              They Vanish in Three by Sarah Kieser
              Beneath the Surface by S. Langdon
              Haute as Hell by S. Langdon
              The New Girl by Saige Mercer
              Spotlight: ESCAPE by Anonymous
              Spotlight: Jellyfished by Himawari
              Star Power: Breakeven by E R Gurney
              Falling for the Loner by Wynter Sapphire
              Confessions of a Teenage Detective by Wynter Sapphire
              Pregnant by the Nerd by Trisha
              Bad Girl Attitude by Iqra Latif
              Blake by Wiktoria Forevel
              Grace by Wiktoria Forevel
              My Sugar Baby Affair by Yolande
              Torched in Flames by SW Rose
              Rebounding with Storm by SW Rose
              Gangster Loving 1 and 2 by Zara Amelle
              In Love with the Enemy by Babi A
              Side Chick's Guide to Revenge by writtenbymegan
              Tied to you by Sandra G
              Fake Love True Love by White Clover

              Many more have already been mentioned..

              Star Power: Becoming a SUPER Star by Ross and Alex
              Star Power: Hollywood Hero by Meila Summers
              Game Mafia by Noob Loop
              Spotlight: Maternal Instincts by Elise C
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                Hey so this isn't really a suggestion but I really need help finding a story. I had this story in my favorites but for some reason when I came back to read it, it was gone. In this story, the main character is named Ava and she used to live with her abusive father named Dale. Then Mason found her in the park and brought her back to his house to take care of her. That is pretty much all the info I have of the story. If anyone knows what story I'm describing please tell me the title so I can continue reading.